For Wireless Sensor Nodes, Wearable (Health Monitoring Access), and Cloud Connected Gateways

Energy harvesting is essential in Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable applications in maintaining and expanding battery life. Although integrated circuits ICs are decreasing in their physical size their capabilities and complexities are increasing and putting a strain on power sources. Low power consumption by DC to DC converters of linear and switching regulators as well as the entire application is crucial. Analog Devices (ADI) offers boost / buck  regulators for photovoltaic (solar panel) and Vibration, thermoelectric (temperature) energy harvesting applications along with Voltage Comparator with Reference, Supervisory: Reset and Watchdog Timer, Battery Chargers, Sensor Hubs, Data Loggers, Poweramps and Mems Accelerometers. Energy harvesting and generators can drive significant cost savings where battery replacement is costly or impractical or where supercapacitors are used.

Cloud connected gateways are becoming more and more relevant in our world today. Data sizes are increasing with large multimedia files featuring both audio and video being stored. The demands are increasing on industrial designs requiring more powerful codecs, Analog to Digital (ADCs), Digital to Analog (DACs), HDMI switches and audio extractors. Lastly data recovery is essential in all cloud based applications.

A wide range of new applications are opened up with the use of energy harvesting and IoT targeted devices. Explore Analog Devices’ Voltage Regulators, Accelerometers, Supervisory and PMIC solutions.