TLXURON450 Datasheet by SRA Soldering Products

SKU: TLXURON450 TECHNICAL DATASHEET fl _— MADE w usA SRA Soldering Products E Q 24 Walpole Park South, STE #10, Walpo‘e, MA 02081 3 SOD-5454570 ~ E
450 -TweezerNose
Product Description
Very fine, precise "tweezer" like tips will handle
the most delicate parts but are strong enough
for forming and bending operations.
Plier blades are smooth (no serrations) so they
will not mark or damage your wire.
pliers for hobbyists, crafters and jewelry
Key Features
Ultra-precise needle nose pliers
Smooth blades capable of grasping and holding
wire less than 1 mil thick.
Strength for wire forming.
Strong and durable with precision tip alignment
Radiused edges to protect wire.
Made in the USA
Additional Information
Type of Tool:
Tweezer Nose Piler
Project type:
Wire weaving, plastic kit modeling, model
jewelry manufacturing, general hobbies and
, electronics, chainmaille, bead stringing