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m Panasonic Photo 81 Lighting (30., Ltd, Specifications Product Specifications Model Name : Laser Type PM Sensor Model No. : SN-GCJAS Issue Number : JAS-SSP-E0.1 Company : Panasonic Photo & nghting Co., Ltd. 1-1 Salwai-cho, Takatsuki-city, Osaka, Japan Customer Approval Panasonlc Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Approved Checked Prepared Date: Date: Date:
m Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Specifications IOutline The sensor detects ”PM (particle matters) in the air" by optical method. This sensor uses LD (laser diode) as light-emitting device and PD (photo diode) as light- receiving device. The LD inside the sensor emits light to the air in a detection area. The PD inside the sensor detects scattering light which correlated to the actual floating particles in the air. A Microcomputer (MCU) inside the sensor analyzes the wave profile from PD by optimistic algorithm, then output a converted mass-density (pg/m3) through 12C 8t UART interface. I Main Features ' Smaller size - High accuracy (210%, from low to high concentrations) - High sensitivity & quick response - Maintain performanoe by unique Auto Calibration Function - Minimize dust accumulation by optimized air pathway stmcture and it makes possible to avoid “tracking” for electrical safety I Environmental Responsivenss - This product complies with RoHS directive. I Usage Application - To detect the floating particle in theair (PMZ.5, PMIO & PM1, Cigarette smoke] house dust, etc.) Ex: air purifier, fan, and air conditioner I Dimensions 37 x 37 x 12 (thickness) [mm] IWeight ADDFOX- l3 [9]
m Panasonic Photo 8i Lighting (30., Ltd. Specifications I Operating Characteristics Category Chamcteristics Note Operating voltage DCSV 44-10% Consumption current Below IOOmA Standby: below TBD mA Operating temperature -10 ~ 60°C, under 95%RH no dew condensation Storage temperature -40 ~ 70’C, under 95%RH no dew condensation Minimum detectable particle n.3um Minimum detectable-density mug/m3 lndlcatable range: Maximum detectable—density 1,000ug/rn3 Dug/m3 - X,Xqug/m’ Maxlmum consistency error $1094; 35ug/m’<1,000ug 3="" response="" time="" 1="" sec="" time="" no="" first="" reading="" 8="" sec="" initial="" stability="" time="" approx,="" tbd="" sec="" after="" power="" on="" 8="" sec="" for="" initialization="" tbd="" sec="" for="" average="" processing="" output="" method="" dlgltal="" signal="" output="" refer="" to="" me="" -="" 12c="" &="" uart="" (1tl)="" communication="" specifications="" l="" block="" dlagram="" 5‘="" vdd="" driving="" 4'="" nd="" sensing="" block="" circuit="" g="" v="" 3="" scl="" ,="" .="" .="" _="" mcu="" 2‘="" sda="" w="" gar-lesion="" ag‘gbfiifr="" $i¥="" filter="" circuit="" rom="" 1="" no="" connect="" connector:="" smosb«ghs-tb(lf)(sn)="" (j.s.t.="" mfg.="" co.,="" ltd.)="">
Palaeonlc Panasonic Photo & Lighting C0,, Ltd. Specifications ITenninal Function Terminal Symbol 1/0 Function 1 TX Output UART TX terminal : 3.3V 2 SDA Input / Output 12C bus serial data input-output terminal : 3.3V * 3 SCL Input 11C bus serial clock input terminal : 3.3V * 4 GND - Grand terminal : 0V 5 VDD - Power supply terminal : 5V ‘ SCL terminal and SDA terminal have pull~up resistor by 3.3V. :4 7; l’nr‘eLlfir m. fi‘mséirlnfi—l’w F'Km I wiring Reference HOST : I‘c 3.3V HOST ; I’C 5v HOST : UART1'I'L 3.3V HOST : UART TTL 5V
Palisade Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Specifications IAuto Calibration Function Monitor the status of light output of laser diode (LD) and the rotational speed of fan wlth pasage of time, and the MCU controls to pump up each deviss up to its control bound to keep the initlal perfonnance. After the bounds, the MCU calculate an optimal correction value and start s/w correction automatlcally. This function is also effective for the degradation of detectlon performance of Photo diode (PD), and it can make s/w correction for the dirt on the surface of PD caused by dust accumulation during the lifetime. By making these controls and corrections, the sensor maintains a certain level of performance during the lifetime (it means the measurement value will maintain center of variation against dust meter). LD Lens 7?.— Dust (for LD mm) to b. mmulated (for particle oeted) mV m mm control By monitoring status of critical devices, control them to keep it stable and activate S/W correction when necessary. nitial Panasonic ”after” correction Pe ~ ~ - ‘ fl LD~FAN control ‘ x a 84 S/W correction \ \ \ \ x \ ‘4 3 (Competitor A) (Competitor B) Deterioration of performance Performance 3 Years 5 Years I I Time (years)
m Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Specifications l Reliability Test Category Test condition Judgement Criteria Drop impact Free fall from 70cm over the ironwood No damage and crack Repeat 3 tima in random. «15% @35-1,ooopg/m3 Vibration Frequency 10 ~ 55H: / acceleration 16/ Sweep 1min. X. Y\ Zdirections each 30min. Temperature cycle —40°C(30min) -)(Within 10 sec)—) +80‘C (30min), 10 cycles THB 65'C, 90 ~ 95%RH, DCSV, IOOOh <115% @35-1,000ug/m3="" high="" temp,="" high="" humidity="" storage="" 65°c,="" 90="" ~="" 95%rh,="" 1000h="" low="" temp="" storage="" ~30'c,="" 500h="" «15%="" @35-1,000ug/m3="" (30min),="" 200="" cycles.="" power="" on-off="" 45'c,="" 90="" ~="" 95%rh,="" 0n(5min)="" 0ff(5min)="" no="" damage="" in="" functions="" repeat="" the="" cycle="" during="" 500h.="" open="" short="" open="" or="" short="" the="" each="" terminal="" of="" electrical="" no="" firing,="" burning="" circuit="" components="" with="" applying="" operating="" voltage.="" (permit="" smoke="" generation,="" burnt="" deposit)="" tracking="" drop="" 0.2%="" ammonium="" chloride="" solution="" with="" no="" firing,="" burnlng="" resistance="" intervals="" sosec,="" up="" to="" 200="" drops.="" (permit="" smoke="" genemionl="" burnt="" deposit)="" solder="" crack="" -40="" ”c="" (30min)="" -)(wil:hin="" 10="" sec)—=""> +80 ‘C No crack on the soldering I Life Duration Under conditions in normal usage at ambient temperature 25°C, 60%RH: LD light output: LD shall be lighted over 5 years on continuous current. Fan motor: Fan shall be rotating over 5 years on continuous current.
m Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Specifications ILot Number 5-Digit (VYMDD) Production Year : 2 digits (ZOXX) Production Month : 1 digit (1 =January‘ 9=Septemben A=October. C=December) Production Date : 2 digits (1 =day 1‘ 31 =day 31) (Example) 18530 A B L D E = 2018. November 30
Pmic Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Specifications I Handling Instruction (1) This product is supposed to use for home appliance products. Do not use the appliance to require high reliability and safeness, like medical instrument and disaster prevention instrument, etc. (2) when install the sensor into product, do not place any interception in front of air intake and outlet in order not to avoid intercept air flow. Also do not place sensor somewhere in a recess of the product. (3) when install the sensor into product, make sure that the sensor would not have strong wind in the face of air intake / outlet. (4) Do not use the sensor in the strong magnetic field. (5) Do not connect / shorted the outer shell to the terminals except GND because the shell has electric conductive and is connected to the GND. (6) The voltage for data communication is 3.3V. Please use level shift [C or something to adjust if the driven voltage of host MCU is 5V. (7) This product is not designed to use stand-alone. Please considerate flame resistance, compliance with the related regulations and standards at your hardware side. (8) Do not attempt to disassemble the sensor in any case. I Others In case the questions arise for this specification sheet, it will be resolved by mutual agreement.
m Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co‘, Ltd‘ Specifications l Product Outline Drawing m: m.- Io-ngm . sum :97 L3 ——1 3 ‘. j o o 3' i o m E Z J :5 " —- o J m '5 M“ 75 ‘5. 1‘3 £5. 1:.“ 3 nlu nu 37.. [r ”mom mu: mums; mm um mm a n. padrhw w n- ma: Int-meme a4 rum-ac aw r\ \I av 3n :7 4+2 Mi“ <22: —uc-—w-n¢="" ..="" n—="" 74="" u="" n="" 3="" mm="" ..="" m...="" :="" x="" -m="" 1~‘="" ms="" iniiiy="" i="" ;="" z="" m:="" '="" msmw="" v="" .="" mum="" u="" i="" par-mu:="" mm="" s="" using="" no,="" uu="">
m Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Speciflcatlons lPackaging Spec w I'M-mav- ‘ .umm u. ........ mum uvunip-vamhluummnlhn-nun Do mum.” mm Valuim: Hut 0: isle: 'n m qddali'u- M Mr (la-nan mam-ml oi Pawn-t can an unmmm. 7. "mum. mew-smm 7 hhlmflyul‘flh "a..." ’flufi‘é’z‘: 3’s)“ unwind" mm .4. un- u... 1mm n ‘0". Dam in w Wm .. (u-~MM«-flh§ll . mm Qan-J a. as Inn/1 E . n. at am- v 3 . m ni n u: h mm “mm— ~ N , :- ‘M‘ . - pammx mm. L ugvln; (a. ma

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