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Electric Solenoid Lock
This is a high-quality electric solenoid lock with steel-made case and steel casting parts. It
adopts solid and durable latch hook which assured a long usage life over 500 thousands times.
Pure copper electromagnetic valve coil, stable performance and temperature tolerance. Plug in
external power to unlock it. The electric lock comes with signal feedback by which you can
check the state of the lock easily. Use it with other controllers and fittings to realize more
functions such as intelligent control lock, IoT(Internet of Things), etc.
Please note that you’d better control the electrify time within 5 seconds when unlocking
the lock. Long electrify time will damage the solenoid valve.
Connection Diagram
Operation Voltage: 12V DC
Operating Current: 1.5A
Dimension: 73*58*13.3mm/2.87*2.28*0.52”
Do not electrify the lock for a long time(<5s)
Electric Solenoid Lock x1
Gravity Connector x1
Latch x1

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