Mounting Hole Pattern for LED Indicator Lights Datasheet by Visual Communications Company - VCC

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Mounting Hole Pattern for LED Indicator Lights
.193 TYP.
4611 Series
Optional Round or Flat
1030D, 1031D, 1033D, 1090D
1030QD, 1031QD, 1032QD, 1033QD
1050A, 1051A, 1052A, 1053A, 1090A,
1050QA, 1051QA, 1052QA, 1053QA,
1090QA, 1050C, 1051C, 1052C,
1053C, 1090C, 1050QC, 1051QC,
1052QC, 1053QC, 1090QC, 1050N,
1052N, 1090N, 1050QN, 1052QN,
1091M, 1091QM, 3040, 3062, 4141,
Mounting Hole: :"D" flat
is optional
Panel Thickness: .250/.030
6010M, 6011M, 6012M, 6013M,
6091M, 6010QM, 6011QM,
6012QM, 6013QM, 6091QM
Optional Round or Flat
2620K, 2622K, 2620QK,
2622QK, 2620T, 2621T,
2622T, 2623T
Optional Round or Flat