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PCB Machining Kit
TOL- 1 4 8 1 4
Do you want to get started in PCB machining or have you been curious where to start? The PCB
Machining Kit from Carbide 3D includes all of the drills, cutters, and copper material you need to
start creating your own PCBs on your home CNC machine right away!
Inside each PCB Machining Kit you will find one standard PCB drill set, one variety PCB drill
set, #501 and #502 PCB engravers, and 10 units of four different copper sheets.
If you are wondering how best to utilize this kit, make sure to check out the free to use web
app, Carbide Copper. Carbide Copper is CAM software to let you mill PCBs with your CNC machine
and is the fastest way to make same-day circuit boards in your own office or shop.
1x 0.3mm PCB Drill
1x 0.4mm PCB Drill
4x 0.5mm PCB Drill
1x 0.6mm PCB Drill
6x 0.7mm PCB Drill
1x 0.8mm PCB Drill
3x 0.9mm PCB Drill
1x 1mm PCB Drill
1x 1.1mm PCB Drill
1x 1.2mm PCB Drill
2x #501 PCB Engraver
2x #502 PCB Engraver
10x 2x3", Single-side FR1 Copper Clad
10x 2x3", Double-side FR1 Copper Clad
10x 4x6", Single-side FR1 Copper Clad
10x 4x6", Double-side FR1 Copper Clad
1x Double Sided Tape 8-6-18

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