34-11294 Drawing Datasheet by Amphenol RF

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NCHS \ WAVE? ALS M) F‘N‘SHES COJPL \ NC M' RWET GASKFT OAR W'HHi M2 2 PACKAG‘NG A ommv a MARMNC ‘AMPHEWL, STA \ VLESS S :[L S‘NGLE PACK HAS TO BE PARKE) 34'H29A, ' STANLESS S L, 2/\SS\1NED , STANLESS S L, ‘ASS VA'ED ' F UCWSH \C VF, 3M4 MD ME CODE‘ \0,9 \479 957,75 3031 ' ‘HASS‘ N‘CM PMHNG (COOH 00075} H C( n HD D\C CAP H—HRD MGL SC 815 ‘7 0C0+ ‘96 ‘AP NW SH! ROJ @fl CAP 23 CHAIN HD-BNC,M REV non DFSCNPWOA DAT: FCC APP? PLEASE 'c we DS'Jun'H} | "3056 “N ADD H‘NC GHOOW ()N {H} CAP JAM \RD'DWbCBMD‘W 91m": DU/H .,N my +008 [ 390; 0231 maniacs [ 265i 003] CUSTOMER OUTLINE DRAWING ALL OTHER SHEETS ARE FOR INTEFlNAL USE ONLY Amphenol RF www.cmphenolrf.com DRAW‘NG \O 31 291 \SHEE’ 20: 2 UNLESS omnw SE svzcww. D wzvswons m v wrwc nnn ’oijNcEs ARE Mymyny DRAW (C m s , 30W“ 30 \20mv ANCLES 3 MN 0 Ohm!“ t3 27w ‘ 3 Amw H" , ' CE , T‘ese my nqs,Speufm'on:,o*a?hcrcumfl1are Me EAGHEE? < and="" {0="" try="" perm"="" ome'="" \‘an="" {o="" w'om="" hwy="" arc="" gnm="" by="" amnncnu="" fo’p="" m="" ‘uvnn‘n'g="" or="" 'hcu="" dvam'gs,="" n="" muahonsy="" cr="" ,="" ,="" a'her="" dew="" by="" amhene‘="" co'p="" .="" or="" 'c="" any="" m'cr="" pmcn="" no="" a'yom="" 'nr="" any="" pupw="" 5="" meg:="" “="" w="" approve)="" na'="" no="" be="" 'egaraen="" dy="" \mphcahon="" cr="" ohe'wse="" n="" my="" nannen="" n="" (mung,="" g'anhng="" v="" 3="" ww.="" rng="" m="" pe/mfl'="" n;="" m»="" ~0de="" or="" my="" oven="" perscn="" 50="" ma'uhu'we,="" we="" 0'="" 5:="" my="" nu"="" .ah="" n="" v="" w="" k="" mum,="" p="" me):="" u="" dung="" .="" yakn‘ed="" or="" m="" hymn="" mm="" may="" nn="" any="" my="" be="" *e‘a'ec="" m)="" w="" m="" 0="" li="" h="" "="" 0'="" cad="" fle="" or="" unu‘oied="" by="" :2="" c="" drum'qs="" 33::="" {nahum="" cr="" mm="" dam="" f‘nish="" qev="" [m="" no.="" 34"="" 294="" b="" pmt="" no,="" 34%‘294="">

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