SFG-20x Quick Start Guide Datasheet by Global Specialties

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Front Panel
Waveform Generator
Quick Start
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Front Panel
Lighted keys indicate active keys and functions
(for example Sine above)
1. Display
2. Return Key
3. Waveform Selection Keys
4. Number Keypad
5. Knob
6. Cursor Keys
7. Manual Trigger Key (Sweep and Burst only)
8. Output Enable Key
9. Output BNC Connector
10. Sync BNC Connector
11. Help Menu Key
Ramp helm-am h—flvuunuumm 4M :nnuvrl. / fl \ flfllnvdc < \3="" ummm="" lum|="" mi:="" [000="" uflukhz="" mm="" ‘lumuw="" “use="" 0‘0="" urrsuolonugc="" 35m:="" 5004="" hum:="" mu="" llmh‘ylylv="" .m="" ithilc="" ,="" unuzfnrln="" [uni="" hrz="" \="" mm="" [[1="" .000us="" ""1"="" 100.0muw="" ”a="" 45.0="" “”r‘zflmudc="" 5w="" 30.0%="">
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12. Modulation/Sweep/Burst Keys
13. Utility Menu Key
14. State Storage Menu Key
15. Menu Operation Softkeys
16. On/Off Switch
17. USB Connector
Helpful Hints
1. Lighted keys indicate active keys or functions such as the
currently active waveform (for example, Sine). Most keys
toggle on (lighted) or off.
2. Push the Help key for a list of 10 helpful topics such as
how to generate a DC signal.
3. No signal is output unless the Output key is lighted.
4. The fi ve Menu Operation Softkeys allow you to select
parameters and functions as shown in the softkey menu
on the right side of the display. Some softkeys toggle
between related parameters. For example, the top softkey
will toggle between Freq and Period as shown below:
5. You can specify a signal by its amplitude and offset, or
by setting its HLevel (maximum) and LLevel (minimum)
6. The modulation, sweep, or burst feature can be used in
conjunction with several waveform types. For example,
press Square and Sweep for a swept square wave. Both
keys remain lighted, while the last key pressed determines
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which menu is displayed.
7. The SFG-20X offers USB connection to your PC.
8. If you have the included EasyWave software installed, you
can create arbitrary waveforms on your PC and download
them to your SFG-20X.
1 Preparing the Unit for Use
a. Connect the power cord and then plug in the
No worries! Just plug it in!
The Global Specialties SFG-20X automatically senses
standard power line voltages. There are no switches
to set or fuses to change.
b. Grasp the handle by the sides and pull outward. Then
adjust the handle to the desired position:
globalspecialties.com 4
c. Connect a BNC cable to the Output BNC Connector.
Then connect the cable to your test system or
11111111Ln/ 4. 1111111111111 11.11111\‘1111 rm“. r1. 1.7|111111 1111111111 4.1 1111111 11,1 1m 1 . 1«.311 11 41 Wanform Lo i~ 1 L WL 000000 Hz .mp1 4.0001011) WW 0.0" 01mm [10dec Dun 500%
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2 Turn On
Press the On/Off Switch.
The self test takes a few
seconds, and then the
instrument defaults to the
Sine Wave function with Freq
To protect your equipment, no signal is output until
the Output Enable Key is pressed (lighted.)
3 Select a Waveform
Press the desired Waveform
Selection Key. Press the
Square key to select a square
wave. The square wave menu is
Squart \mle #7 unumuuknz 4.‘ mm”, . "mm- Wave 7 Frequency 1.000 000kHz Ampl 000Vpp W ‘:’“""0.0de0 Duty 50.0% Squam- u..l.| ‘7 leu Ulmklb 4.0 .iEUI7\“ppl (Llhqut ‘ 7 1 , I‘MA‘ “ , Laud: HirZ Frmllency W m...» 4 Wm) PI- - 0.0" Ofi‘xelofimvdc Duty 500
globalspecialties.com 6
4 Change Waveform Parameters Using Cursor
Keys & Knob
a. Use the fi ve softkeys
to select parameters.
Note, some softkeys
toggle between related
parameters (i.e. Freq
and Period). Press the
Ampl softkey to select
b. Use the cursor keys
to select digits in the
amplitude value. Move
the highlighted cursor
to the 2nd digit.
Square Squaw \mpl F7 mun mulkllz 4,‘ afinuv‘pp . I 1r.um\'dc ‘ 7 ’ ‘44 \\'mefonu loud: nir7 r-euuency 1000 000kHz Amp] LEMVpp Phnse 0.0“ 0mm 01"“de Duty 50.0.0) Squnn- Squun- 0.; Hum mmkn: 4» Square Square >47 umn nnukm 4» Luiul' Hi'Z 7 1.000 Oflflkflzi Ampl 4,500Vpp Plum 0,0” 500%
globalspecialties.com 7
c. Now, use the knob to
change the value (turn
clockwise to increase
and counter-clockwise
to decrease). Set to
4.500 Vpp:
d. Press Offset to select
that parameter:
e. Use the knob to set
the offset to -1.1
mVdc. Turn past zero
to obtain a negative
number. Use the
cursor keys to select
Square Squaw Freq \Vavflorm Frrqurur) W P1...» 0.0“ (mmLidec nm; 500% Square Prnod p “fly lmllms .‘ * mn‘pp , .ldeL 1 K500 u» Wu» cfunn Loud: Hi1 1““ moms 14.500Vpp p 0.0" 0 se«-1.1dec Dmy 50.0%
globalspecialties.com 8
You can also specify a signal by setting its HLevel (maximum) and
LLevel (minimum) values. (See the User Manual).
5 Change Waveform Parameters Using Cursor
Keys and Keypad
a. Use the numeric
keypad to set the
Period. Press the left
softkey once to select
b. Press it again to
select Period. The
display will now show
Period with the cursor
highlighted on the
period value.
Square In»: I “7 Luau mum 4» 4 "WW; thMdi“ 7 7 Wilhu‘mfl Square #7 Lflu Imums 4» v I _ 1 hymn» \Vm efmm Period Amp] 4500“» l» “-1.1dec Dmy Squaw: Uni} p7 ‘ ummus 4» um'pp - 1mm- *0:j wani} 4' \Vm‘efrurm L "i-Z PF'M 1.500 0001115 \u-pl 4.500111) Phase 000 0““‘-1.1de6 Duty
globalspecialties.com 9
c. Key in a value on the
keypad. Enter 1.5.
The display changes.
Press the softkey
for the desired unit.
Press ms:
d. The display will now
show 1.500000 ms.
6 Duty Cycle
a. Adjust the duty
cycle. Press the
Duty softkey:
Square “Kn <11 .rm="">
globalspecialties.com 10
b. Use either the knob or
the keypad to change
the value to 35%:
Output the Waveform
7 Output the Waveform
You can view the waveform at any time on an
oscilloscope if one is connected. Press Output to
activate the Output Connector:
8 Further Information
For more information or help, download the complete User Manual
at: globalspecialties.com. Or just give us a call: 800-572-1028.
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