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4/9/2021 10-30 W Mini Radiant Heaters (SHGM Series) - Hammond Mfg. 1/2
Temperature Controls and Accessories
Part No. Watts
Current X Y Z L
SHGM1410 10 1 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
SHGM1420 20 1.1 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
SHGM1430 30 1.2 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
Data subject to change without notice
10-30 W Mini Radiant Heaters SHGM Series
Designed for use in small enclosure housing or for heating of isolated spots in sensitive
Compact design
Used in combination with Normally Closed Thermostat or Humidistat
Operating Voltage: 110-250 AC 50/60 Hz
Heating Element: PTC resistor, self regulating surface temperature
Heating Body: Aluminum, black anodised
Max surface temperature: 10w @ 203°F/95°C 20w @239°F/115°C 30w @284°F/140°C
Connection: Connecting cable 11.8"
Mounting: Din rail 35mm profile
Protection class: IP20
Approval: UL Recognized Component, cUL Recognized Componet, CE
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4/9/2021 10-30 W Mini Radiant Heaters (SHGM Series) - Hammond Mfg. 2/2

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