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8/28/2019 15-150 W Heater (SHG Series) - Hammond Mfg. 1/2
Temperature Controls and Accessories
15-150 W Heater SHG Series
Designed to provide enclosed electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical equip men
with protection from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion.
The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater unit maintains a stable temperature
environment within enclosures, allowing critical components to perform with consistent
reliability for longer periods.
Push connectors for quick and easy wiring
Used in combination with Normally Closed Thermostat or Humidistat
Part No. Watts¹ Max. Current² L
SHG14000 15W 1.1A 2.60
SHG14001 30W 1.2A 2.60
SHG14003 45W 1.8A 2.60
SHG14005 60W 2.5A 5.50
SHG14006 75W 4.5A 5.50
SHG14007 100W 5.0A 5.50
SHG14008 150W 7.5A 8.70
¹ At 68oF (20oC) ambient temperature
² Inrush current
Operating Voltage: AC/DC 110- - 250 V
Heating Element: PTC resistor, self regulating surface temperature
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Dara Subject to changE vnmouz not/Ce
8/28/2019 15-150 W Heater (SHG Series) - Hammond Mfg. 2/2
Data subject to change without notice
Heating Body: Anodized extruded aluminum
Connection: Push-type terminals for stranded and solid wire 3 x AWG 20 AWG 16 (0.5 - 1.5 mm2
Mounting: Easily installed by clip mounting on 35 mm DIN rails (included)
Protection Class: I, test voltage 1600 V
Protection: IP20
Approval: UL Recognized Component, cUL Recognized Component, CE
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