BOM Manager Tour


Welcome to the Digi-Key BOM Manager Tour. We've made a few changes and want to give you a quick overview of the new layout and features that are now available. To start let's navigate to the BOM Manager. The BOM Manager link can be found under My Tools once you're logged in to your My Digi-Key profile.

My Tools

BOM Front Page - From here you can start a new Bill of Materials by uploading a file or by starting a new BOM that can be added to later. This is also where you can access previously created BOMs. This list will contain any BOM you have previously created as well as BOMs your co-workers have made visible to your company.

BOM Front Page

File Selection - To upload a document, drag a file onto the dotted outline section of the page or click "Browse" to select the file you would like uploaded.

Select File

Upload Mapping - Once the file has been selected you will be presented with a preview of your file in the mapping window. Enter the first-row number where product data is listed, then using the drop downs above each column match the options with the appropriate column. Quantity and part number (Digi-Key or Manufacturer) columns are required to continue the upload.


BOM Name - Once your file has finished uploading you can review your BOM. You'll notice the name of your file is now the name of your BOM. The name of a BOM can be edited at any time.

Review and Rename

BOM Visibility - By default, the visibility of a BOM is set to "Private" meaning you and only you will be able to view and edit this BOM. You can alter your BOMs visibility by clicking on the current visibility setting.

Change Visibility

Line Item Contents - Each line item in your BOM contains a part number, manufacturer name, description, customer reference number, reference designator, packaging options, the quantity currently available at Digi-Key, the products lifecycle status, the standard lead time from the manufacturer, the products datasheet, RoHS status, REACH status, your entered quantity and the unit/extended price at that quantity.

Line Item Image

Edit Packaging - You can edit the packaging for a line item by selecting one of the alternate options in the packaging drop down. When you make this alteration, you will be asked if you'd like this change to occur for other products in your BOM with similar packaging selections.

Package Alteration

Delete Lines - To delete a line item, select the check box next to the line you would like to delete. You'll notice delete buttons appear at the top and bottom of your BOM. When these buttons are not visible a delete button will be anchored to the bottom of your window.

Delete Line

Save Revision - The BOM Manager now gives you the power to control a Bill of Materials revision history. Clicking "Save Revision" archives a non-editable version of your BOM from that moment that can be accessed from the BOM list or from the revision drop down.


Download - The download feature allows you to select the file type and the BOM attributes you would like included in the download.


Copy - The copy feature allows you to duplicate your current BOM or send a url to another user so they can create their own copy. These copies will not include the original BOMs revision history and any changes made to the original BOM will have no effect on the copies.


Create Quote - A quote can lock the prices of your BOM for 30 days and referencing a quote number to a Digi-Key representative is a quick and easy way to receive assistance when working on an order. To generate a quote, click the "Create Quote" button. You'll then be asked for the number of assemblies of the BOM you would like quoted. A Digi-Key quote can lock pricing for up to 3 separate assembly tiers. Once the quote is generated you will be navigated to the Quote Manager to view the quote.


Add to Cart - To move the contents of your BOM to a cart, click "Add to Cart". You will be given the option to create a new cart or to add the BOM contents to your current cart. You can also select how many assemblies of the BOM you wish to move to the cart.

Add to Cart

Enter Assemblies - If you would like a preview of the price and packaging breakdowns based on your assemblies click the "Enter Assemblies" button. You can enter up to 3 separate assembly tiers to preview this information.

Enter Assemblies

Assemblies Page - The assemblies page previews your price and package breakdowns for each line item based on the number of assemblies you have entered.

Assemblies Page

Assembly Corrections - In the case your assembly entry did not meet a minimum purchase quantity for a product, the assemblies page will update the quantity to make it valid. Messaging at the top of the page will display when this occurs and occurrences will be highlighted in yellow.

Assembly Corrections

UPDATE: Since the introduction of the BOM Manager we've received some great feedback and based on this we've introduced a few new features.

List View - A "View" toggle has been introduced that allows you to switch to a more compact list view.


Filters - A set of filters has been added that allows you to limit the visible parts in your list based on Manufacturer, Part Status, Packaging, and Availability.


Edit/Replace - A line can now be edited and replaced via an edit icon that will open the part number field for a line item.


Please send any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Bill of Materials Manager to