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Ceramic Chip Antennas

This August 2010 feature article from MP Digest compares ceramic chip antennas with PCB trace antennas from Pulse Electronics.

Radiated Efficiency

The antenna's performance, in general, is characterized by some basic terms, such as antenna efficiency and gain, which this article from Pulse discusses.

Tech Tip 102

Pulse Electronics Tech Tip 102 discusses symmetrical phone filters for ADSL.

Transformer Magnetics

This document from Pulse gives a basic understanding of the use and characteristics of digital signal transformers.

Tech Tip 101

Pulse Tech Tip 101 discusses HPN/ADSL connection reliability considerations.

Understanding Common Mode Noise

This document from Pulse explains the characteristics of differential and common mode signals, he operation of common mode chokes, and why noise on UTP cable leads to noise emissions.

Isolation Transformers for Battery Management Systems

Battery management systems (BMS) are electronic regulators that monitor the behavior of the electrochemical reaction of each battery cell and control their charging and discharging procedures.