EAO’s Digital 3D Configuration Tool for Emergency Stop Switches

Digi-Key is excited to introduce EAO’s new, innovative Digital 3D configuration tool for emergency stop switches. The Emergency Stop Configurator is a fully interactive and highly intuitive 3D realistic virtual configuration tool that allows engineers and designers to easily configure and purchase products online with high modularity specific to their application requirements. Users can benefit from this highly innovative new tool with access to a library of over 130 component parts and accessories that can be individually configured to create over 2,000 different customized combinations. This selection guide quickly provides dynamic datasheets and CAD drawings in a seamless and coordinated approach to effectively present options through parametric search capabilities. You can build completely configured estops, view product images and dimensional drawings, download 3D CAD files, and ultimately view available inventory and an outlet to purchase – all within a single, comprehensive, and intuitively designed tool.

Screenshot of EAO's Digital 3D Configuration Tool for Emergency Stop Switches. (Image source: EAO)

A solution that is unique throughout the industry

This new method of product presentation allows thousands of product variants to be generated and exported as 3D images. An automated process designed within this tool allows for unparalleled performance without compromising on details. For example, choices in materials and light reflections can be replicated to effect surface texture and the switch’s appearance in various environments. Also, standardized presentations of different sizes and a variety of mounting conditions can be the finishing touches to this photorealistic presentation experience.

Target-group specific accounts

This 3D configuration tool offers not only useful visualization features but also an excellent usability concept that considers the needs of different target groups. It has been based on the validated findings of extensive user experience research and feedback. For product designers, there are eight visual parametric filters to begin the creation of your device. Choices such as illumination and weather-resistance provide fast access to the right emergency stop switch in just a few clicks. Engineers on the other hand, can filter in a more detailed approach by directly accessing the technical criteria and product specifications.

Global e-commerce

The seamless integration into Digi-Key’s website enables users to easily purchase through an established, global outlet. Both the purchasing and ordering processes offer supplementary features, like smart recommendations, to show suitable accessories and complementary components for each configuration in order to facilitate added benefit as a complete configuration tool.

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