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Renesas Electronics America Inc (245)

Renesas Electronics America Inc. (104)

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emPower Evaluation Board

Segger Microcontroller Systems 6.30.00 EMPOWER EVALUATION BOARD

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: 6.30.00 EMPOWER EVALUATION BOARD - emPower Evaluation Board
Description: The emPower eval board provides a comprehensive set of SEGGER’s middleware products, accelerating the start of any embedded project. SEGGER’s embOS real-time operating system is at the heart of the evaluation. Furthermore, evaluation versions of the file system emFile, graphics library emWin, emU...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSPMCU

embOS/IP Switch Board

Segger Microcontroller Systems 6.70.00 EMBOS/IP SWITCH BOARD

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: 6.70.00 EMBOS/IP SWITCH BOARD - embOS/IP Switch Board
Description: The embOS/IP Switch Board is intended to be mainly a demonstrator board for the Tail Tagging add-on of SEGGER’s embedded IP stack embOS/IP. Micrel/Microchip has developed switches which can expand one physical port into 1+n ports, supported by the so-called Tail Tagging mode. This enhancement all...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and KitsInterface

emPower-USB-Host Board

Segger Microcontroller Systems 6.90.00 EMPOWER-USB-HOST BOARD

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: 6.90.00 EMPOWER-USB-HOST BOARD emPower-USB-Host Board
Description: emPower-USB-Host is a low-cost board for applications that require two USB-Host ports in a simple and small design. SEGGER software including emUSB-Host, emLoad and embOS are ready to run on the board. Accessing the board with a debug probe can be achieved via the 10-pin Cortex-M connector on the...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and KitsInterface


Segger Microcontroller Systems 6.20.12 NAND-FLASH EVAL

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: 6.20.12 NAND-Flash EVAL and Test Board
Description: The NAND-Flash EVAL board is equipped with a 48-pin TSOP socket for standard NAND flash memory and an Atmel® SAM3U ARM-based microcontroller (MCU). The MCU is preprogrammed with an application that automatically formats an unformatted NAND flash memory and runs a performance test. Afterwards the ...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and KitsMemory

5.17.01 Flasher PRO

Segger Microcontroller Systems 5.17.01 FLASHER PRO

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: 5.17.01 Flasher PRO
Description: The 5.17.01 Flasher PRO is a Stand-alone programming tool for ARM/Cortex®, Renesas RX, and PPC microcontrollers. This device comes with a license for the software item 8.08.02 J-Flash, which is the software used to configure the Flasher PRO. Flash memory stores the target program and target infor...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

8.08.28 J-Link PLUS

Segger Microcontroller Systems 8.08.28 J-LINK PLUS

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: JTAG/SWD Emulator with USB interface
Description: J-Link PLUS is a USB powered JTAG emulator supporting a large number of CPU cores. Based on a 32-bit RISC CPU, it can communicate at high speed with the supported target CPUs. J-Link is used around the world in tens of thousands places for development and production (flash programming) purposes. ...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

FLASHER ISP Programmers

Segger Microcontroller Systems 5.07.01 FLASHER ARM

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: Flash programming solutions for a variety of CPUs
Description: The Flasher family eases the implementation into a production site by allowing the flash programming to be triggered manually or remotely.

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

Flasher Portable PLUS—The Mobile Flash Programmer

Segger Microcontroller Systems 5.16.02 FLASHER PORTABLE PLUS

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: Flasher Portable PLUS—The Mobile Flash Programmer
Description: Flasher Portable PLUS can be powered by its internal rechargeable battery or USB. Use the integrated 1, 8-inch display to review your firmware and programming status. Initial setup/preparation for stand-alone mode operation is done via the J-Flash software, also used by other Flasher models, whic...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

J-LINK and J-TRACE JTAG Emulators

Segger Microcontroller Systems 8.08.91 J-LINK EDU MINI

Supplier: Segger Microcontroller Systems

Subtitle: JTAG Emulators J-LINK and J-TRACE
Description: The J-LINK is a JTAG emulator designed for ARM cores. It connects via USB to a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. The J-LINK ULTRA+, J-LINK PRO and J-LINK EDU JTAG emulators are compatible to the J-Link and use the same software. The J-TRACE includes a trace function.

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersProgrammers, Emulators, Debuggers

Skywire™ Raspberry Pi Hat Development Platform

NimbeLink, LLC NL-AB-RPI

Supplier: NimbeLink, LLC

Subtitle: NL-AB-RPI - Skywire™ Raspberry Pi Hat Development Platform
Description: Connect any Raspberry Pi board with the standard 40 pin header, or the Compute module 3 to the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly and easily with NimbeLink’s Skywire™ Raspberry Pi hat. Whether you are a developer preparing a product for launch or a hobbyist, NimbeLink’s adapter and your choice of S...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsDevelopment Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation Boards - Expansion Boards, Daughter Cards