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4D Systems Pty Ltd (2)

ABLIC U.S.A. Inc. (24)

Adafruit Industries LLC (26)

Advanced Photonix (15)

Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc. (1)

AKM Semiconductor Inc. (23)

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC (98)

Alliance Sensors Group (6)

Alpha Wire (2)

Altech Corporation (10)

American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation (5)

Ametherm (9)

Amphenol Advanced Sensors (71)

Amphenol All Sensors Corporation (29)

Amphenol Piher Sensing Systems (5)

Amphenol SGX Sensortech (8)

ams (73)

Analog Devices Inc. (99)

Audiowell International LLC (6)

AVX Corporation (4)

Azoteq (Pty) Ltd (2)

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions (2)

Bosch Sensortec (21)

Bourns Inc. (35)

Broadcom Limited (62)

Bulgin (1)

C&K (3)

Cantherm (12)

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. (74)

City Technology (6)

Comus International (6)

Conxall/Switchcraft (1)

Coto Technology (4)

CR Magnetics Inc. (9)

Crouzet (1)

CTS Electrocomponents (3)

CUI Inc. (14)

Cynergy 3 (56)

Delta Electronics/Cyntec (1)

DFRobot (18)

Digi International (1)

Digilent, Inc. (1)

Diodes Incorporated (60)

E-Switch (2)

Enocean (1)

EPCOS (76)

Everlight Electronics Co Ltd (29)

Excelitas Technologies (23)

FLIR Lepton (1)

Grayhill Inc. (27)


Heraeus Sensor Technology USA (10)

Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc. (3)

Hirschmann (1)

Honeywell Aerospace (12)

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions (180)

IDEC (3)

IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc (11)

Infineon Technologies (59)

Interlink Electronics (4)

Isocom Components 2004 LTD (1)

ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc (2)

IXYS (1)


Kingbright (14)

Kionix Inc. (11)

Kitronik Ltd. (1)

Knowles (2)

Laser Technology, Inc. (2)

LEM USA Inc. (41)

Linear Technology/Analog Devices (2)

Lite-On Inc. (10)

Littelfuse Inc. (67)

Lumberg Automation (6)

Magnasphere Corp (7)

Makeblock Co., LTD. (1)

Marktech Optoelectronics (14)

MaxBotix Inc. (15)

Maxim Integrated (86)

Melexis Technologies NV (60)

Memsic Inc. (8)

Micro-Measurements (9)

Microchip Technology (38)

MikroElektronika (2)

Molex (15)

Monnit Corporation (42)

Monolithic Power Systems Inc. (6)

Murata Electronics North America (30)

Neonode Inc. (1)

Nidec Copal Electronics (48)

NKK Switches (2)

NVE Corp/Sensor Products (9)

NXP USA Inc. (108)

Ohmite (2)

Omron Automation and Safety (104)

Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div (46)

ON Semiconductor (47)

Opto Diode Corp (7)

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc. (35)

Panasonic - BSG (1)

Panasonic Electric Works (6)

Panasonic Electronic Components (23)

Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales (85)

Panduit Corp (2)

Parallax Inc. (13)

Phoenix Contact (24)

Pi Supply (1)

PIC GmbH (16)

Pimoroni Ltd (2)

PowerFilm Inc. (4)

PUI Audio, Inc. (3)

Radial Magnet Inc. (2)

Radio Bridge Inc. (7)

Red Lion Controls (13)

Renesas Electronics America Inc. (8)

Rohm Semiconductor (37)

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd (16)

Sensata Technologies (11)

Sensata-Airpax (2)

Sensata-BEI Sensors (32)

Sensata-Kavlico (13)

Sensirion AG (32)

SHARP/Socle Technology (33)

Silicon Labs (24)

Siretta Ltd (3)

Soberton Inc. (1)

SparkFun Electronics (21)

SPEC Sensors, LLC (21)

Spectra Symbol (7)

SSI Technologies Inc (7)

SST Sensing Ltd. (5)

Standex-Meder Electronics (17)

Stanley Electric Co (2)

Steute Wireless (2)

STMicroelectronics (57)

SunLED (3)

Taitien (3)

Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation (9)

Tamura (6)

TDK Corporation (15)

TDK InvenSense (18)

TDK-Micronas GmbH (9)

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors (3)

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties (184)

TE Connectivity Passive Product (3)

TEWA Sensors LLC (6)

Texas Instruments (150)

Thales Visionix - a Division of Thales Defense & Security, Inc. (2)

Thomas Research Products (2)

Trinamic Motion Control GmbH (2)

Tronics (3)

TT Electronics/BI (6)

TT Electronics/Optek Technology (87)

Verivolt LLC (1)

VersaSense (5)

Vishay BC Components (22)

Vishay Beyschlag (1)

Vishay Dale (5)

Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division (133)

Vishay Sfernice (3)

Vishay Spectrol (4)

Weidmüller (5)

Wurth Electronics Inc. (9)

XSens Technologies BV (2)

ZF Electronics (17)

Zilog (3)

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AA Series

NVE Corp/Sensor Products AA Series

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Analog Sensors
Description: The AA series analog sensors have high sensitivity, excellent temperature stability, low power consumption, and small size.

Category: SensorsMagneticLinear, Compass (ICs)

ABL Series

NVE Corp/Sensor Products ABL Series

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Single/Double Bridge Gear Tooth And Encoder Sensor
Description: The ABL-Series GT Sensors are differential sensor elements that provide an analog sinusoidal output signal when used with a bias magnet and gear tooth or a magnetic encoder. These chips use NVE’s proprietary GMR sensor elements featuring an extremely large output signal from the raw sensor elemen...

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)

AD Series

NVE Corp/Sensor Products AD004-00E

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: GMR Digital Magnetic Sensors
Description: When GMR sensor elements are combined with digital on-board signal processing electronics, the result is the GMR Switch. The GMR Switch offers unmatched precision and flexibility in magnetic field sensing.

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)

ADL Series

NVE Corp/Sensor Products ADL021-14E

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Nanopower Digital Switches
Description: ADL-Series sensors are Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) Digital Switches designed to run at low voltages and extremely low currents. The devices are manufactured with NVE’s patented spintronic GMR technology for unmatched miniaturization, sensitivity, precision, and low power. NVE’s new ULLGA leadles...

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)


NVE Corp/Sensor Products ADV001-00E

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Latching Bipolar Digital Switches
Description: NVE's ADV001-00E is a GMR Digital Switch using a bipolar output GMR material. This material allows the sensor to maintain and operate point with the application of a negative (south) magnetic field, and a release point with the application of a positive (north) magnetic field. The part is ideal f...

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)

AFL Series

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Low Voltage, Low Power Digital Magnetic Sensors
Description: AFL-Series Sensors are GMR digital switches designed to run at low voltages and currents. Versions are available that can operate from single-cell batteries. The outputs switch at specified magnetic fields, and return when the fields are removed.

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)

AKL Series

NVE Corp/Sensor Products AKL Series

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: Digital Output Gear Tooth And Encoder Sensors
Description: NVE offers these products specifically for use as sensors for gear tooth wheels or magnetic encoders with a digital output signal. The pulse output from the sensor corresponds with the gear teeth passing in front of it.

Category: SensorsMagneticSwitches (Solid State)

PiJuice Solar Panels

Pi Supply PIS-0569

Supplier: Pi Supply

Subtitle: PiJuice Solar Panels
Description: These solar panels are designed for use with the PiJuice power platform for your Raspberry Pi. It has a regulated 5 volt USB output attached to the internal smart-power chip so it also works with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, audio players and more.

Category: SensorsSolar Cells

AAT Series TMR Angle Sensors

NVE Corp/Sensor Products AAT Series TMR Angle Sensors

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: AAT Series TMR Angle Sensors
Description: AAT-Series angle sensors use unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) elements for large signals and low power consumption. The sensors provide sine and cosine signals defining the angle of rotation. Outputs are proportional to the supply voltage and peak-to-peak output voltages are much larger t...

Category: SensorsAngle, Linear Position Measuring

ADT001 and ADT002 Rotation Sensors

NVE Corp/Sensor Products ADT001 and ADT002 Rotation Sensors

Supplier: NVE Corp/Sensor Products

Subtitle: ADT00X-10E Ultralow Power Rotation Sensors
Description: The ADT001 and ADT002 rotation sensors are ultralow power, digital-output magnetic rotation sensors. The sensors have two digital, binary outputs. The two outputs are 90 degrees out of phase to provide directional information. An additional output indicates a fault if the magnetic field is too hi...

Category: SensorsAngle, Linear Position Measuring