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MG Chemicals 8617-85ML

Supplier: MG Chemicals

Subtitle: Super Thermal Grease
Description: The 8617 Super Thermal Grease is a low thermal resistance, non-corrosive grease. It uses an extremely thermal stable synthetic oil base that is electrically insulating. It is used to improve the thermal interface contact conductivity between heat sinks, LEDs, motors, and heat-generating electroni...

Category: Thermal ProductsAdhesives, Epoxies, Greases, Pastes

Thermal Grease and Compounds

MG Chemicals 860-150G

Supplier: MG Chemicals

Subtitle: Thermal Grease and Compounds
Description: Designed for use in transferring heat away from electrical and electronic devices such as; transistors, power diodes, semi conductors, ballast's and thermocouple wells. High thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, high dissipation factor, use with heat sinks or metal chassis, will not dry...

Category: Thermal ProductsAdhesives, Epoxies, Greases, Pastes

Accessories and Hardware

Aearo Technologies, LLC F-347-1

Supplier: Aearo Technologies, LLC

Subtitle: Accessories and Hardware
Description: Supplementary items used with thermal products.

Category: Thermal ProductsAccessories, Kits


TDK Corporation RF-KIT

Supplier: TDK Corporation

Subtitle: DK Kit RF 900MHZ and 2.4GHZ

Category: Thermal ProductsAccessories, Kits