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Aximax 400 Series

KEMET Aximax 400 Series

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: Conformally Coated Axial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: Available in standard or automotive grade Base Metal Electrode (BME) dielectric systems, these capacitors offer a variety of features and benefits for many applications.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsAxial Leaded

AXIMAX Series, High Temperature

KEMET AXIMAX Series, High Temperature

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: High Temperature, Axial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: Automotive grade Base Metal Electrode (BME) dielectric systems, these capacitors offer a variety of features and benefits for many applications.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsAxial Leaded

Military Axial Ceramic Capacitors

KEMET Military Axial Ceramic Capacitors

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: High Reliability Axial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsAxial Leaded



Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: Low ESL (Stacked), High Temperature, SMPS Filtering, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The KPS-MCC are high temperature SMPS Ceramic Stacked Capacitors combine a robust and proprietary C0G/NPO base metal electrode (BME) dielectric system with a durable lead frame technology for high temperature and high power SMPS applications. These devices are specifically designed to withstand t...

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsDIP

CeraLink™ SP Series

EPCOS B58033I5206M001

Supplier: EPCOS

Subtitle: High Ripple Current, Low ESL, Low Profile, High Temperature, Automotive, SMPS Filtering, 6-DIP Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The CeraLink™ SP Series is a highly compact solution for the snubber and DC links of fast-switching converters based on SiC and GaN semiconductors.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

ACR and ARR Series

KEMET ACR and ARR Series

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: High Temperature Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The ACR and ARR Series is a high temperature, ceramic cased capacitor, with unique design concept, ideally suited for continuous operation up to 200°C. Typical applications include oil well logging (down hole), jet engine controls and geophysical pressure probes.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

C Series

KEMET C Series

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, General Purpose, Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: Kemet’s epoxy molded radial through-hole ceramic capacitors in X7R dielectric feature an 125°C maximum operating temperature and are considered temperature stable.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

C052H, C062H Series

KEMET C052H, C062H Series

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: High Temperature, General Purpose, Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The C052H, C062H Series capacitors are designed specifically to withstand the severe shock and vibration conditions associated with deep-well and horizontal drilling activities and are well suited for use in aerospace engine compartments, geophysical probes, hybrid and electric automotive motor d...

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

C0G, NP0 Dielectric

KEMET C0G, NP0 Dielectric

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: C0G, NP0, Radial Leaded, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: Kemet’s C0G, NP0 dielectric feature extremely low ESR and ESL.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

Golden Max™ Series

KEMET Golden Max™ Series

Supplier: KEMET

Subtitle: High Voltage, Commercial Grade, Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The Golden Max™, high voltage ceramic capacitors utilize a “cascading” or “floating” internal electrode design, which effectively divides the voltage across the device into smaller voltages that each internal section of the capacitor can reliably withstand, thereby enabling high voltage rating ca...

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded