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SBM-40 Series

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: Red, Green, Blue, White (RGBW) Big Chip LED
Description: Luminus LEDs™ benefit from a suite of innovations in the fields of chip technology, packaging and thermal management. These breakthroughs allow illumination engineers and designers to achieve solutions that are high brightness and high efficiency.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingColor

SBT-70 Series

Luminus Devices Inc. SBT-70-G-F75-JM202

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: SBT-70 Series
Description: Round emitting aperture provides most efficient match to circular optical systems and narrow beam projectors.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingColor

SBT-90 Series

Luminus Devices Inc. SBT-90 Series

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: SBT-90 Series
Description: The SBT-90 is a surface mount, high brightness LED intended for specialty lighting applications. Very high lumen output from a compact package.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingColor

SST-10 Horticulture LEDs

Luminus Devices Inc. SST-10 Horticulture LEDs

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: Surface Mount Series Horticulture LEDs
Description: The Luminus SST-10 Horticulture LEDs offer excellent wall-plug efficiencies combined with industry leading thermal resistance to produce a compact powerful light source suitable for the most demanding applications.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingColor

SST-90 Series

Luminus Devices Inc. SST-90-R-F11-HH100

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: White Big Chip LED™
Description: Luminus’ photonic lattice technology enables large area LED chips with uniform brightness over the entire LED chip surface. The optical power and brightness produced by these large monolithic chips enable solutions which replace arc and halogen lamps where arrays of traditional high power LEDs ca...

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingColor


Luminus Devices Inc. MP-1616-1100

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: 1616 (3V) XNOVA Cube™ Surface Mount LEDs
Description: The XNOVA CUBE™ is a unique, innovative surface mount LED designed for illumination applications where a wide viewing angle, compact footprint, and precise color control are essential features.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingWhite


Luminus Devices Inc. MP-1616-2100

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: Midpower LEDS

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingWhite


Luminus Devices Inc. MP-1919

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: XNOVA Cube™ LEDs
Description: The XNOVA Cube™ mid power LED is a unique offering that provides the benefits of a wide emission angle within a compact footprint. The 1.9mm x 1.9mm package emits into a 170+ degree-viewing angle, enabling designers with new degrees of freedom to solve many of today’s most challenging lighting pr...

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingWhite


Luminus Devices Inc. MP-2016

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: Mid Power LED
Description: Luminus mid power LEDs are lighting class solutions designed for high performance general lighting applications. These state-of-the-art LEDs allow illumination engineers and designers to develop lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness and overall quality.

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingWhite


Luminus Devices Inc. MP-2016-2100

Supplier: Luminus Devices Inc.

Subtitle: Midpower LEDS

Category: OptoelectronicsLEDsLED LightingWhite