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ebm-papst Inc.
ECI Series
ebm-papst Inc.
VD and VDC Series
Jinlong Machinery & Electronics, Inc.
CLP Series

VD and VDC Series

Brushless Internal Rotor Motors and Gearmotors

ebm-papst Inc.

Modular drive systems. Motors with integrated logic and power electronics – optional gearhead. Electronically commutated external rotor motors of the VARIODRIVE series for the power range from 3 to 100 watts. With a long service life and excellent control characteristics for operation on external electronics.

  • 3-phase external rotor motor with EC technology
  • High poled motor structure for optimum power density
  • Very good synchronization characteristics
  • Basic motor with electronic module K1 for operation with external drive electronics
  • Robust mechanical design in IP 54 for industrial applications
  • Motor Type:Brushless (BLDC)
  • Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 40°C
  • RPM:135 RPM ~ 4500 RPM
  • Size / Dimension:Round - 1.929" Dia (49.00mm)
  • Type:DC Motor
  • Voltage - Rated:24VDC

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VM.VD4915BK1VM.VD4915BK1STANDARD MOTOR 4500 RPM 24V DC MotorStandardBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS
VG.VD4915BK1.P63.1.5VG.VD4915BK1.P63.1.5GEARMOTOR 900 RPM 24V PLANETARY DC MotorGearmotorBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS
VG.VD4915BK1.EC75.1.4VG.VD4915BK1.EC75.1.4GEARMOTOR 1098 RPM 24V DC MotorGearmotorBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS
VG.VD4915BK1.P63.2.30VG.VD4915BK1.P63.2.30GEARMOTOR 150 RPM 24V PLANETARY DC MotorGearmotorBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS
VG.VD4915BK1.EC75.2.33VG.VD4915BK1.EC75.2.33GEARMOTOR 135 RPM 24V DC MotorGearmotorBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS
VM.VDC4915BK4VM.VDC4915BK4STANDARD MOTOR 4000 RPM 24V DC MotorStandardBrushless (BLDC)24VDCRoHS

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