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Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
TMC429 Breakout Board
Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
TMC429, TMC260, TMC261, TMC262 and TMC424 Evaluation Board
Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
TMC4330 Evaluation Board
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TMC429, TMC260, TMC261, TMC262 and TMC424 Evaluation Board

TMC429+TMC26X-EVAL Evaluation Board for the TMC429 Motion Controller the TMC260, TMC261 and TMC262 coolStep™ Stepper Motor Drivers and for the TMC424 Encoder Interface Chip

Trinamic Motion Control GmbH

The evaluation board TMC429+TMC26x-EVAL provides an excellent, simple and cost efficient device to explore the latest generation of TRINAMIC stepper motor chipsets. The board contains the 3-axes motion controller TMC429, the three coolStep™ stepper motor drivers TMC260, TMC261 and TMC262 as well as the incremental encoder interface TMC424. You will learn everything about the usage and features of the chipset (coolStep™, stallGuard2™, 256x µstepping, spreadCycle chopper.) and get the possibility to explore your stepper motor motion control application. The evaluation PC-software gives access to every single bit of the chipset. Communication is possible either via USB (virtual COM port) or via RS232. The TMC429+TMC26x-EVAL is a complete “plug and play” solution. It comes with the evaluation software, a USB cable and all relevant pluggable screw connectors. Additionally only a PC, one to three stepper motors and a power supply are required.

  • Maximum motor current 1.4A RMS (TMC260, TMC261)
  • Maximum motor current 3.0A RMS (TMC262)
  • RS232 and USB interface to PC
  • Power supply 12V to 24V + 48V DC (TMC261 only)
  • 3x ABN encoder interface
  • TrinamicMotionControlLanguage TMCL™ or Evaluation-Software
  • User driver board can be attached
  • Allows to use reference switches
  • All parameters can be displayed and modified interactively
  • Test specific motion profiles
  • Up to 256x microsteps/fullstep
  • New spreadCycle chopper scheme for best current zero crossing and sine wave form
  • Load detection stallGuard2™
  • Automatic load dependent motor current control coolStep™
  • StallGuard™ Profiler software
  • Allows to evaluate all driver specific settings
  • Evaluation Board for S/D chipset (TMC429, TMC260, TMC261, TMC262 and TMC424)
  • USB cable
  • Documentation, board and circuit description and all datasheets available online
  • Function:Motor Controller/Driver, Stepper
  • Secondary Attributes:Graphical User Interface, RS-232 and USB Interfaces
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s)
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:TMC260, TMC261, TMC262, TMC424, TMC429

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TMC429+TMC26X-EVALTMC429+TMC26X-EVALEVAL MOD TMC429,260,261,262 Power ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, Stepper-TMC260, TMC261, TMC262, TMC424, TMC429RoHS

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