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Hirose Electric Co Ltd
PQ50 Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
ST Series
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ST Series

Rectangular Connector Accessories

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

Hardware accessories for Hirose's ST Series rectangular connectors.

Product Description

The ST Series was developed as an external input/output connector system for portable and mobile devices. The connectors incorporate features required to assure reliable electrical and mechanical performance under extreme and unpredictable conditions.

  • Digital still cameras
  • Personal Digital Assistance
  • Notebook computers
  • Cellular phones
  • Portable readers
  • Mobile recorders
  • Accessory Type:Cable Clamp
  • For Use With/Related Products:ST Series

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ST40X-CM(4.0)ST40X-CM(4.0)CONN CABLE CLAMP 4.0MM Cable Clamp-ST Series-RoHS
ST40X-CM(5.8)ST40X-CM(5.8)CONN CABLE CLAMP 5.8MM Cable Clamp-ST Series-RoHS
ST40X-CM(4.0-5.0)ST40X-CM(4.0-5.0)CONN CABLE CLAMP 4-5MM Cable Clamp-ST Series-RoHS
ST40X-CM1(6.8)ST40X-CM1(6.8)CONN CABLE CLAMP 6.8MM Cable Clamp-ST Series-RoHS

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