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Adapteva Inc.
Parallella-16 Board
Adesto Technologies
SM2400 Evaluation Kits
AK-Nord GmbH
XT-FEMTO-SXL Embedded LAN Network Module Evaluation Board

SM2400 Evaluation Kits

Evaluation Kits using the SM2400 Series Narrow Band Power-Line Communications (N-PLC) Devices

Adesto Technologies

Targeting narrow Smart Grid, Smart Lighting and Industrial automation applications, Adesto introduces the SM2400 Series narrow band power-line communications (N-PLC) devices. These flexible solutions feature support for all worldwide OFDM modulation based standards such as G3-PLC, PRIME and IEEE 1901.2 as well as FSK modulation. These devices also feature customized modes with superior performance for applications where standards are not important.

  • Embedded:Yes, MCU, 32-Bit
  • Function:Power Line Communication/Modem (PLC, PLM)
  • Secondary Attributes:Graphical User Interface
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s), Power Supply
  • Type:Interface
  • Utilized IC / Part:SM2400

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SM2400-EVK2M4-BSM2400-EVK2M4-BEVAL KIT V2 SM2400 W/SGM8423 InterfacePower Line Communication/Modem (PLC, PLM)Yes, MCU, 32-BitSM2400RoHS

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