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BECOM Systems GmbH
Sentis3D - M100 Board
BECOM Systems GmbH
Sentis3D - M520 Evaluation Kit
Bend Labs, Inc.
1-Axis Evaluation Kit
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Sentis3D - M520 Evaluation Kit

150-3040-1 Sentis3D - M520 Evaluation Kit

BECOM Systems GmbH

The Sentis3D–M520 Kit is based on the former Sentis-M510 camera offer flexibility through different Field-of-Views and support application ranges up to 5 m. In addition, a high resolution 2D color sensor provides combined 2D/3D data. An onboard Quad-Core ARM processor can run custom algorithms on the camera. The Sentis3D–M520 Kit can be used for a wide range of application scenarios and enable a fast transition from evaluation to application development.

  • Interface:Ethernet
  • Sensitivity:160fps
  • Sensor Type:Image Sensor
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s), Power Supply
  • Utilized IC / Part:Sentis3D-M520
  • Voltage - Supply:12V ~ 30V