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FERD (Field Effect Rectifier Diode)
AVX Corporation
Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode
Bourns Inc.
Schottky Barrier Chip Diode

Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode

Schottky Diode

AVX Corporation

AVX Schottky rectifier diodes offer unique lead-less chip packaging technology which eliminates the lead frame wire bond to give the chip top-bottom symmetry for fewer mounting problems, better heat transfer, and current handling capability (compared to SOD devices).

  • Lead-less chip form
  • Low Vf
  • High current capability
  • Low power loss/high efficiency
  • Halogen free
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • High frequency rectification
  • Portable battery powered devices
  • Reverse bias protection
  • Current - Average Rectified (Io):100mA (DC) ~ 8A (DC)
  • Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:1µA ~ 500µA
  • Current Coupled to Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:100mA ~ 8A
  • Diode Type:Schottky
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature - Junction:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max):20V ~ 100V
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:440mV ~ 850mV
  • Voltage Coupled to Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:20V ~ 100V

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SD0603S040S0R2SD0603S040S0R2DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 200MA 0603 Schottky40V200mA (DC)450mV0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
SD0805S040S0R5SD0805S040S0R5DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 500MA 0805 Schottky40V500mA (DC)480mV0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
SD0805S020S1R0SD0805S020S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 1A 0805 Schottky20V1A (DC)450mV0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
SD1206S040S2R0SD1206S040S2R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 2A 1206 Schottky40V2A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD2114S040S5R0SD2114S040S5R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 5A SMB Schottky40V5A (DC)550mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD0805S020S0R5SD0805S020S0R5DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 500MA 0805 Schottky20V500mA (DC)440mV0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
SD1206S040S0R5SD1206S040S0R5DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 500MA 1206 Schottky40V500mA (DC)480mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD1206S040S1R0SD1206S040S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A 1206 Schottky40V1A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD0805S040S0R1SD0805S040S0R1DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 100MA 0805 Schottky40V100mA (DC)500mV0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
SD1206T040S1R0SD1206T040S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A 1206 Schottky40V1A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD1206S100S1R0SD1206S100S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 1A 1206 Schottky100V1A (DC)850mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD1206T020S1R0SD1206T020S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 1A 1206 Schottky20V1A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD2010S040S1R0SD2010S040S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A SMA Schottky40V1A (DC)500mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD2010S040S2R0SD2010S040S2R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 2A SMA Schottky40V2A (DC)500mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD1206S020S1R0SD1206S020S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 1A 1206 Schottky20V1A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD2010S040S3R0SD2010S040S3R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 3A SMA Schottky40V3A (DC)500mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD2114S040S8R0SD2114S040S8R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 8A SMB Schottky40V8A (DC)550mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD3220S100S5R0SD3220S100S5R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 5A SMC Schottky100V5A (DC)850mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
SD1206T040S2R0SD1206T040S2R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 2A 1206 Schottky40V2A (DC)500mV1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
SD2010S100S1R0SD2010S100S1R0DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 1A SMA Schottky100V1A (DC)850mV2-SMD, No LeadRoHS

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