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Schmartboard, Inc.
SchmartBoard Active Filter
Schmartboard, Inc.
SchmartBoard RLC Divider Board
Schurter Inc.
DKIH-1 and DKIH-3 Evaluation Boards
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SchmartBoard RLC Divider Board

710-0012-01 SchmartBoard RLC Divider Board

Schmartboard, Inc.

The RLC Divider board was developed to easily implement passive filters and various R, L and C networks. This is accomplished by placing the necessary components on the board and then “programming” the board through the proper placement of shunts. 6 Shunts are included in the package as well as a 49.9 Ohm and 15KOhm Resistor and a 0.1 micro Farad capacitor for your convenience. Although the schematic component labels indicate, R, C or L, other components, such as diodes, can be used.

  • Supplied Contents:Partially Populated Board(s)
  • Type:Filter