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Maxim Integrated
MAX7408-MAX7415 and MAX7418-MAX7425 Evaluation Kit
Schmartboard, Inc.
SchmartBoard Active Filter
Schmartboard, Inc.
SchmartBoard RLC Divider Board
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SchmartBoard Active Filter

710-0013-01 SchmartBoard Active Filter

Schmartboard, Inc.

Applications for the Active Filter Board include being used as an anti-aliasing filter for A/D conversion or as a reconstruction filter after D/A conversion. The Active Filter Board is configured as a two-pole active filter followed by a third passive pole if desired. The op amp circuitry forms the two-pole filter while the RC network at the output of the operational amplifier forms the third passive pole. The operational amplifier used for this board is the Texas Instrument’s OPA172 whose main features make it very suitable for experimenting.

  • Supplied Contents:Partially Populated Board(s)
  • Type:Filter
  • Utilized IC / Part:OPA172