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Murata Electronics North America
MTHMR-N-0002A Evaluation Board
Murata Electronics North America
SCA103T Sensor Evaluation Boards
Murata Electronics North America
SCA3300 Evaluation Board
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SCA103T Sensor Evaluation Boards

SCA103T-D04-PCB and SCA103T-D05-PCB Sensor Evaluation Boards for the SCA103T Differential Inclinometers

Murata Electronics North America

The SCA103T Series is a 3D-MEMS-based single axis inclinometer family that uses the differential measurement principle. The high calibration accuracy combines extremely low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise together with a robust sensing element design, to make the SCA103T an ideal choice for high accuracy leveling instruments. The Murata inclinometers are insensitive to vibration due to having over damped sensing elements plus they can withstand mechanical shocks of 20000 g.

  • Interface:SPI
  • Sensing Range:±15°
  • Sensitivity:16V/g
  • Sensor Type:Inclinometer
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:SCA103T-D04
  • Voltage - Supply:4.75V ~ 5.25V