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RJ Series
RV8 Series
Omron Automation and Safety
G7J Series
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RV8 Series

Slim Interface Relay


IDEC 6mm and 14mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements.

  • Lever for easy locking and removal of relay
  • Universal AC/DC socket with built-in surge suppression and green LED
  • 6A-16A contact rating
  • Coil Current:5.8mA ~ 75mA
  • Coil Power:380 mW ~ 730 mW
  • Coil Resistance:80 Ohms ~ 21.5 kOhms
  • Coil Type:Non Latching
  • Coil Voltage:5VDC ~ 110VDC
  • Contact Form:DPDT (2 Form C)
  • Contact Material:Silver Nickel (AgNi), Gold (Au)
  • Contact Rating (Current):8A
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operate Time:15ms
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 55°C
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Relay Type:General Purpose
  • Release Time:15ms
  • Switching Voltage:250VAC - Nom
  • Termination Style:PC Pin
  • Turn Off Voltage (Min):0.42 VDC ~ 7.7 VDC
  • Turn On Voltage (Max):4 VDC ~ 88 VDC

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RV2H-2G-D12-C1D2RV2H-2G-D12-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 12V General PurposeNon Latching32mA12VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D5-C1D2RV2H-2G-D5-C1D2RELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 8A 5VGeneral PurposeNon Latching75mA5VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D18-C1D2RV2H-2G-D18-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 18V General PurposeNon Latching24mA18VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D24-C1D2RV2H-2G-D24-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 24V General PurposeNon Latching20mA24VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D48-C1D2RV2H-2G-D48-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 48V General PurposeNon Latching9mA48VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D60-C1D2RV2H-2G-D60-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 60V General PurposeNon Latching9mA60VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D9-C1D2RV2H-2G-D9-C1D2RELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 8A 9VGeneral PurposeNon Latching44mA9VDCRoHS
RV2H-2G-D110-C1D2RV2H-2G-D110-C1D2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 110V General PurposeNon Latching5.8mA110VDCRoHS

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