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Hirose Electric Co Ltd
MRF14 Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
PS2 Series
ITT Cannon, LLC
CTC Series

PS2 Series

High Current Connector

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

The Hybrid design saves space by combining power and signal contacts together in one unit with dedicated power contacts to handle 100, 200, or 300 Amps.

  • Power/Signal Hybrid Connector
  • Floating Structure
  • Sequential Contact System
  • Finger Protection Structure
  • Plug-in Design
  • Storage Battery, UPS
  • Color:Black
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Rows:6

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PS2-18PCPS2-18PCCONN PLUG 18POS PlugMale Pin18-RoHS
PS2-2VP/42CPS2-2VP/42CCONN PLUG PNL MNT 200A Plug, CombinationMale Pin44 (2 Power (Loaded) + Configurable)-RoHS
PS2-2WP/6C/6CPS2-2WP/6C/6CCONN PLUG PNL MNT 300A Plug, CombinationMale Pin8 (2 Power (Loaded) + 6)-RoHS
PS2-2RP/9C/9CPS2-2RP/9C/9CCONN PLUG PNL MNT 100A Plug, CombinationMale Pin20 (2 Power (Loaded) + 18)-RoHS
PS2-18SCPS2-18SCCONN RCPT 18POS ReceptacleFemale Socket18-RoHS
PS2-2VS/42CPS2-2VS/42CCONN RCPT PNL MNT 200A Receptacle, CombinationFemale Socket44 (2 Power (Loaded) + Configurable)-RoHS
PS2-2WS/6C/6CPS2-2WS/6C/6CCONN RCPT PNL MNT 300A Receptacle, CombinationFemale Socket8 (2 Power (Loaded) + 6)-RoHS
PS2-2RS/9C/9CPS2-2RS/9C/9CCONN RCPT PNL MNT 100A Receptacle, CombinationFemale Socket20 (2 Power (Loaded) + 18)-RoHS

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