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Rohm Semiconductor
Murata Electronics North America
PKGS Series
Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div
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PKGS Series

Shock Sensors

Murata Electronics North America

Murata shock sensors find use in many computer hard disk drives. They detect impacts - for example, when the storage falls to the floor - in a fraction of a second and prevent read and write errors. Hard disk drives are fitted with 2 additional shock sensors positioned diagonally (acceleration sensors). The difference in the acceleration levels registered by both sensors is used to control rotational vibration. With a wide range of shock sensors developed for hard disk drives, Murata is now opening up new consumer markets. The keywords here are "vibration," "impact," and "tapping."

  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • Output Type:Voltage
  • Sensing Range:0 ~ 50G
  • Sensitivity:0.350pC/G ~ 0.840pC/G
  • Sensor Type:Vibration, Piezo Film

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PKGS-00GXP1-RPKGS-00GXP1-RSENSOR SHOCK 50G PIEZO FILM Vibration, Piezo Film0 ~ 50G0.840pC/GVoltage2-SMDRoHS
PKGS-25SXAP1-RPKGS-25SXAP1-RSENSOR SHOCK 50G PIEZO FILM Vibration, Piezo Film0 ~ 50G0.350pC/GVoltage1208 (3020 Metric)RoHS

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