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Vishay General Semiconductor - Diodes Division
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PIN Diodes
GeneSiC Semiconductor
PIN Diodes

PIN Diodes

HF-UHF Medium and High Power RF PIN Diodes


CEL's PIN Diodes provide excellent performance for HF(High-Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High-Frequency) applications.

  • Current - Max:50mA ~ 100mA
  • Diode Type:PIN - Single
  • Operating Temperature:150°C (TJ) ~ 175°C (TJ)
  • Power Dissipation (Max):300mW ~ 3W
  • Voltage - Peak Reverse (Max):180V

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L8104L8104RF PIN DIODE 180V 3W CERAMIC MELPIN - Single180V50mA1.2pF @ 40V, 100MHzSQ-MELFRoHS
L9204FL9204FRF PIN DIODE 180V 1W PLASTIC PKGPIN - Single180V50mA0.9pF @ 40V, 100MHzSOD-123TRoHS
L5206FL5206FRF PIN DIODE 180V 300MW PLASTIC PIN - Single180V50mA0.22pF @ 40V, 100MHz0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
L5204FL5204FRF PIN DIODE 180V 500MW PLASTIC PIN - Single180V100mA0.9pF @ 40V, 100MHz1005 (2512 Metric)RoHS

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