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PE42020 Evaluation Board
PE423422 Evaluation Board
PE42359 Evaluation Board
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PE423422 Evaluation Board

EK423422-01 Evaluation Board using the PE423422 UltraCMOS® SPDT RF Switch 100MHz – 6000MHz


The SPDT switch evaluation board is designed to ease customer evaluation of PE423422. The RF common port is connected through a 50Ω transmission line via the top SMA connector, J2. RF1 and RF2 ports are connected through 50Ω transmission lines via SMA connectors J1 and J3, respectively. A through 50Ω transmission is available via SMA connectors J4 and J5. This transmission line can be used to estimate the loss of the PCB over the environmental conditions being evaluated. J8 provides DC and digital inputs to the device. The board is constructed of a four metal layer material with a total thickness of 62 mils. The top and bottom RF layers are Rogers RO4350 material with a 10 mil RF core. The middle layers provide ground for the transmission lines. The transmission lines were designed using a coplanar waveguide with ground plane model using a trace width of 22 mils, trace gaps of 7 mils, and metal thickness of 2.1 mils.

  • For Use With/Related Products:PE423422
  • Frequency:100MHz ~ 6GHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Switch, SPDT
Associated Product
pSemi PE423422
Category: RF/IF and RFID-RF Switches-Max. Freq. - 6GHz