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PE4152 Evaluation Kit
PE42020 Evaluation Board
PE423422 Evaluation Board
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PE42020 Evaluation Board

EK42020-02 Evaluation Board using the PE42020 UltraCMOS® True DC RF Switch, 0Hz–8000MHz


The SPDT switch evaluation board was designed to ease customer evaluation of the PE42020. The RF common port is connected through a 50Ω transmission line via the SMA connector, J3. RF1 and RF2 ports are connected through 50Ω transmission lines via SMA connectors J1 and J2 respectively. A 50Ω through transmission line is available via SMA connectors J5 and J6, which can be used to de-embed the loss of the PCB. J4 provides DC and digital inputs to the device. The board is constructed of a four metal layer material with a total thickness of 62 mils. The top RF layer is Rogers 4350B material with a thickness of 6.6 mils and the Ɛr = 3.66. The middle layers provide ground for the transmission lines. The transmission lines were designed using a coplanar waveguide with ground plane model using a trace width of 13 mils, trace gaps of 10.5 mils and metal thickness of 3.4 mils.

  • For Use With/Related Products:PE42020
  • Frequency:0Hz ~ 8GHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Switch, SPDT
Associated Product
pSemi PE42020
Category: RF, Wireless-RF, IF-Switches-Max. Freq. - 7.5GHz +