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Kyocera International, Inc.
Lascar Electronics
PanelPilotACE Development Kits
Microchip Technology
AC164127-4 Demonstration Board

PanelPilotACE Development Kits

SGD 43-A DK+ and SGD 70-A DK+ PanelPilotACE Development Kits

Lascar Electronics

The SGD 43-A DK+ and SGD 70-A DK+ are development kits for the 4.3” and 7” PanelPilotACE compatible displays. The development board itself allows users to quickly connect to and test all the input and output functionality of the PanelPilotACE display. Each kit includes a development board, a PanelPilotACE display and a USB cable. The development board includes LED’s and switches for digital I/O’s, four potentiometers to generate analogue inputs, variable brightness LED’s for PWM outputs and a prototyping area for testing circuitry. Connections are also available for the display’s RS232, SPI and I²C functionality.

  • Embedded:Yes, Other
  • Function:LCD Touch Screen
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Display

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SGD 43-A DK+SGD 43-A DK+DEV KIT FOR SGD 43-A DisplayLCD Touch ScreenYes, OtherSGD 43-ARoHS
SGD 70-A DK+SGD 70-A DK+DEV KIT FOR SGD 70-A DisplayLCD Touch ScreenYes, OtherSGD 70-ARoHS

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