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Apex Microtechnology
PA75CX Evaluation Board EK33
Apex Microtechnology
PA78 and PA79 Evaluation Board
Apex Microtechnology
PA90, PA91 and PA98 Evaluation Board EK11
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PA78 and PA79 Evaluation Board

EK61 High Power Operational Amplifier Evaluation Board for the PA78 and PA79

Apex Microtechnology

Fast and easy breadboarding of circuits using the PA78DK or PA79DK is possible with the EK61 evaluation kit. The EK61 includes both the universal EVAL36 board and the EVAL61 substrate. The use of EVAL36 and EVAL61 allows for a large area of breadboarding space to work with while allowing a surface mount substrate for the PA78DK or PA79DK. The PA78DK or PA79DK amplifier may be surface mounted directly to the EVAL61, a thermally conductive but electrically isolated substrate. The PA78DK or PA79DK is soldered to a DUT foil footprint area the size of the heat slug. The metal substrate is cost-effective and can allow the PA78DK or PA79DK to dissipate power up to the datasheet rating. The EK61 is an easy to use engineering platform for prototype evaluation. The PC board is a good starting point for an application specific layout. The amplifier is sold separately. Common hardware such as screws, nuts and user's preference for I/O connectors are not provided.

  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Wide Supply Voltage
  • Provided Components:
    • Capacitors ×10
    • Resistors ×5
    • EVAL61 Evaluation substrate ×1
    • EVAL36 Universal PC Board ×1
    • TSM-116-01-T-SV 16-Pin Terminal Strip ×2
    • SSW-116-01-T-S 16-Pin Socket Strip ×2
  • Amplifier Available Separately
  • Piezoelectric Positioning and Actuation
  • Electrostatic Deflection
  • Deformable Mirror Actuators
  • Chemical and Biological Stimulators
  • Amplifier Type:Power
  • Board Type:Bare (Unpopulated)
  • Channels per IC:1 - Single, 2 - Dual
  • Output Type:Single-Ended
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Accessories
  • Utilized IC / Part:PA78DK, PA79DK
Associated Product
Apex Microtechnology PA75CC
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Linear-Amplifiers-Operational Amplifiers (OP Amps)-Power-2 Circuits
Apex Microtechnology Power
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Linear-Amplifiers-Operational Amplifiers (OP Amps)-Power-1 Circuit