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Murata Electronics North America
Murata Electronics North America
Murata Electronics North America
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NTC Thermistors for Temperature Sensor and Compensation 0402 (1005) Size

Murata Electronics North America

Chip NTC Thermistor has Ni barrier termination and provides excellent solderability and offer high stability in environment by unique inner construction.

  • Excellent solderability and high stability in environment
  • Excellent long time aging stability
  • High accuracy in resistance and B-Constant
  • Reflow soldering possible
  • Easy to use smaller size in the circuits
  • NCP series are recognized by UL/cUL. (UL1434, File No.E137188)
  • Temperature compensation for transistor, IC and crystal oscillator in mobile communications
  • Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries
  • Temperature compensation of LCD
  • Temperature compensation in general use of electric circuits
  • B25/100:3455K ~ 4614K
  • B25/50:3380K ~ 4500K
  • B25/85:3434K ~ 4582K
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:0402 (1005 Metric)
  • Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Power - Max:100mW
  • Resistance in Ohms @ 25°C:220 ~ 470k

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NCP15XM221J03RCNCP15XM221J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 220OHM 3500K 0402220±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XQ471J03RCNCP15XQ471J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 470OHM 3650K 0402470±5%±2%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XQ102J03RCNCP15XQ102J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 1KOHM 3650K 0402 1k±5%±2%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XQ102E03RCNCP15XQ102E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 1KOHM 3650K 0402 1k±3%±2%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW152J03RCNCP15XW152J03RCTHERM NTC 1.5KOHM 3950K 0402 1.5k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW222E03RCNCP15XW222E03RCTHERM NTC 2.2KOHM 3950K 0402 2.2k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW222J03RCNCP15XW222J03RCTHERM NTC 2.2KOHM 3950K 0402 2.2k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW332J03RCNCP15XW332J03RCTHERM NTC 3.3KOHM 3950K 0402 3.3k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW472J03RCNCP15XW472J03RCTHERM NTC 4.7KOHM 3950K 0402 4.7k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XM472E03RCNCP15XM472E03RCTHERM NTC 4.7KOHM 3500K 0402 4.7k±3%±2%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XM472J03RCNCP15XM472J03RCTHERM NTC 4.7KOHM 3500K 0402 4.7k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW472E03RCNCP15XW472E03RCTHERM NTC 4.7KOHM 3950K 0402 4.7k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW682J03RCNCP15XW682J03RCTHERM NTC 6.8KOHM 3950K 0402 6.8k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XH103J03RCNCP15XH103J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3380K 040210k±5%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XH103F03RCNCP15XH103F03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3380K 040210k±1%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XV103E03RCNCP15XV103E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3900K 040210k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XH103E03RCNCP15XH103E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3380K 040210k±3%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XV103J03RCNCP15XV103J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3900K 040210k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XH103D03RCNCP15XH103D03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3380K 040210k±0.5%±0.7%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW153J03RCNCP15XW153J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 15KOHM 3950K 040215k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW153E03RCNCP15XW153E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 15KOHM 3950K 040215k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW223J03RCNCP15XW223J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 22KOHM 3950K 040222k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WL223E03RCNCP15WL223E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 22KOHM 4485K 040222k±3%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15XW223E03RCNCP15XW223E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 22KOHM 3950K 040222k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WB333J03RCNCP15WB333J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 33KOHM 4050K 040233k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WB473F03RCNCP15WB473F03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 47KOHM 4050K 040247k±1%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WB473D03RCNCP15WB473D03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 47KOHM 4050K 040247k±0.5%±0.5%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WB473J03RCNCP15WB473J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 47KOHM 4050K 040247k±5%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WB473E03RCNCP15WB473E03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 47KOHM 4050K 040247k±3%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WD683J03RCNCP15WD683J03RCTHERMISTOR NTC 68KOHM 4150K 040268k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WF104J03RCNCP15WF104J03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4250K 0402 100k±5%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WF104F03RCNCP15WF104F03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4250K 0402 100k±1%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WL104E03RCNCP15WL104E03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4485K 0402 100k±3%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WL104J03RCNCP15WL104J03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4485K 0402 100k±5%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WF104D03RCNCP15WF104D03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4250K 0402 100k±0.5%±0.5%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WF104E03RCNCP15WF104E03RCTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4250K 0402 100k±3%±1%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WM154J03RCNCP15WM154J03RCTHERM NTC 150KOHM 4500K 0402 150k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WM224E03RCNCP15WM224E03RCTHERM NTC 220KOHM 4500K 0402 220k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WM224J03RCNCP15WM224J03RCTHERM NTC 220KOHM 4500K 0402 220k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WM474J03RCNCP15WM474J03RCTHERM NTC 470KOHM 4500K 0402 470k±5%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
NCP15WM474E03RCNCP15WM474E03RCTHERM NTC 470KOHM 4500K 0402 470k±3%±3%-0402 (1005 Metric)RoHS

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