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Parallax Inc.
Motor Driver
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Motor Driver

Dual MC33926 Motor Driver, Brushed DC

Parallax Inc.

The dual MC33926 motor driver carrier is a breakout board. It can supply up to almost 3A continuous current per channel to two brushed DC motors at 5 - 28V, and it can tolerate peak currents up to 5A per channel for a few seconds, making this a great general purpose motor driver for medium sized DC motors and for differential drive robots that use such motors.

  • Over current and over temperature protection
  • Current feedback, and under voltage protection
  • Reverse voltage protection on motor voltage
Applications :
  • Robotics
  • DC Motor Control
  • Function:Motor Controller/Driver
  • Primary Attributes:Dual Full-Bridge (H-Bridge) Driver
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Accessories
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:MC33926
Associated Product
NXP USA Inc. Drivers
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-PMIC - Power Management-Motor Drivers, Controllers-Drivers