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Linear Technology/Analog Devices
LT1373 Demonstration Board
Linear Technology/Analog Devices
LT1768 Demonstration Board
Luminus Devices Inc.
DK-114N Series Development Kit
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LT1768 Demonstration Board

DC354A Demonstration Board using the LT1768 High Power CCFL Controller for Wide Dimming Range and Maximum Lamp Lifetime

Linear Technology/Analog Devices

The Demonstration Board DC354 featuring the LT1768 is a complete solution for regulating current in high power dual CCFL displays. A single input source, either DC or PWM, controls CCFL current via a unique Multimode dimming scheme. Multimode dimming combines both linear and PWM control functions to maximize lamp life, efficiency and dimming range. Accurate maximum and minimum lamp currents can be easily set. The DC354 can detect and protect against lamp failures, which can shorten lamp life or produce hazardous voltages.

  • Embedded:No
  • Function:CCFL Backlight Controller
  • Secondary Attributes:8V ~ 24V Supply
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Opto/Lighting
  • Utilized IC / Part:LT1768
Associated Product
Linear Technology/Analog Devices LT1768CGN#PBF
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Power Management-Lighting, Ballast Controllers