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Diodes Incorporated
AP22913 Evaluation Boards
ebm-papst Inc.
K4 Drive System Development Kits
1/16th Brick Evaluation Kit 300W

K4 Drive System Development Kits

HX0K-024-000-02 and HX0K-024-000-03 K4 Drive System Development Kits

ebm-papst Inc.

Motor and drive solutions include motors, gearboxes, and electronics as well as their corresponding accessories and software. Brushed DC motors range from a diameter of 42 mm up to 63 mm and feature power outputs of up to 93 W. For applications requiring a higher power output and longer lifetime, ebm-papst offers brushless DC motors (also called EC motors) with inner and outer rotor technology that provide up to 750 W of nominal power. These brushless DC motors are paired with Hall sensors and can utilize an integrated or external controller.

  • K4 Switch Box
  • ECI-63.40 or VDC-3-49.15 Motor (-002 and -003 kit versions only)
  • RS485 adapter
  • RS485 adapter driver download CD
  • USB-A to USB-B cable
  • RS485 connection wires
  • Function:Transceiver, RS-485
  • Type:Power Management

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HX0K-024-000-03HX0K-024-000-03K4 DRIVE SYSTEM DEV KIT - VDC PAPower ManagementTransceiver, RS-485--RoHS
HX0K-024-000-02HX0K-024-000-02K4 DRIVE SYSTEM DEV KIT - ECI PAPower ManagementTransceiver, RS-485--RoHS

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