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Vishay Vitramon
GA Series
Vishay Vitramon
HV Series
Vishay Vitramon
Military, MIL-PRF-55681, CDR Series
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HV Series

High Voltage, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Vishay Vitramon

The HV Series are surface mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors with excellent reliability and thermal shock performance.

  • High voltage breakdown
  • High reliable serial electrode design
  • Wet build process
  • Reliable noble metal electrode (NME) system
  • Input filter capacitors
  • Output filter capacitors
  • Snubber capacitors reduce MOSFET voltage spikes
  • Filtering for switching power supplies
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:470pF ~ .015µF
  • Features:High Voltage
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Temperature Coefficient:X7R
  • Thickness (Max):0.106" (2.70mm)
  • Tolerance:±10%

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HV1812Y471KXMATHVHV1812Y471KXMATHVCAP CER 470PF 5KV X7R 1812 470pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y102KXVATHVHV2220Y102KXVATHVCAP CER 1000PF 4KV X7R 2220 1000pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y102KXMATHVHV2220Y102KXMATHVCAP CER 1000PF 5KV X7R 2220 1000pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y102KXVATHVHV1825Y102KXVATHVCAP CER 1000PF 4KV X7R 1825 1000pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y102KXHATHVHV1812Y102KXHATHVCAP CER 1000PF 3KV X7R 1812 1000pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y102KXMATHVHV1825Y102KXMATHVCAP CER 1000PF 5KV X7R 1825 1000pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y102KXVATHVHV2225Y102KXVATHVCAP CER 1000PF 4KV X7R 2225 1000pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y102KXVATHVHV1812Y102KXVATHVCAP CER 1000PF 4KV X7R 1812 1000pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y102KXMATHVHV2225Y102KXMATHVCAP CER 1000PF 5KV X7R 2225 1000pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y152KXVATHVHV1812Y152KXVATHVCAP CER 1500PF 4KV X7R 1812 1500pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y152KXMATHVHV1825Y152KXMATHVCAP CER 1500PF 5KV X7R 1825 1500pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y222KXHATHVHV1812Y222KXHATHVCAP CER 2200PF 3KV X7R 1812 2200pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y222KXHATHVHV2225Y222KXHATHVCAP CER 2200PF 3KV X7R 2225 2200pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y272KXHATHVHV1812Y272KXHATHVCAP CER 2700PF 3KV X7R 1812 2700pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y332KXVATHVHV1825Y332KXVATHVCAP CER 3300PF 4KV X7R 1825 3300pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y332KXMATHVHV2225Y332KXMATHVCAP CER 3300PF 5KV X7R 2225 3300pF±10%5000V (5kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y332KXHATHVHV1812Y332KXHATHVCAP CER 3300PF 3KV X7R 1812 3300pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV1812Y392KXHATHVHV1812Y392KXHATHVCAP CER 3900PF 3KV X7R 1812 3900pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1812 (4532 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y472KXVATHVHV2225Y472KXVATHVCAP CER 4700PF 4KV X7R 2225 4700pF±10%4000V (4kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y472KXHATHVHV1825Y472KXHATHVCAP CER 4700PF 3KV X7R 1825 4700pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y472KXHATHVHV2220Y472KXHATHVCAP CER 4700PF 3KV X7R 2220 4700pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y562KXHATHVHV2220Y562KXHATHVCAP CER 5600PF 3KV X7R 2220 5600pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y682KXHATHVHV2220Y682KXHATHVCAP CER 6800PF 3KV X7R 2220 6800pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV1825Y103KXHATHVHV1825Y103KXHATHVCAP CER 10000PF 3KV X7R 1825 10000pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R1825 (4564 Metric)RoHS
HV2220Y103KXHATHVHV2220Y103KXHATHVCAP CER 10000PF 3KV X7R 2220 10000pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2220 (5750 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y103KXHATHVHV2225Y103KXHATHVCAP CER 10000PF 3KV X7R 2225 10000pF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS
HV2225Y153KXHATHVHV2225Y153KXHATHVCAP CER 0.015UF 3KV X7R 2225 .015µF±10%3000V (3kV)X7R2225 (5763 Metric)RoHS

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