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ebm-papst Inc.
EC Series
ebm-papst Inc.
G1Gxxx Series
ebm-papst Inc.
K3G097AK Series

G1Gxxx Series

DC Blower Centrifugal Ball Bearing

ebm-papst Inc.

  • Ball bearing
  • Forward curved, single inlet with housing (flange)
  • Bearing Type:Ball
  • Fan Type:Blower
  • Features:PWM Control, Speed Sensor (Tach)
  • Material - Blade:Steel
  • Operating Temperature:-13 ~ 140°F (-25 ~ 60°C)
  • Power (Watts):14W ~ 105W
  • RPM:1750 RPM ~ 3000 RPM
  • Termination:4 Wire Leads with Splice Terminals
  • Voltage - Rated:24VDC
  • Voltage Range:16 ~ 28VDC

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G1G097-AA05-01G1G097-AA05-01MOTORIZED IMPELLER 24VDCRectangular/Rounded - 143mm L x 137mm H40.00mm-
G1G085-AB05-01G1G085-AB05-01MOTORIZED IMPELLER 24VDCRectangular/Rounded - 117.5mm L x 127.5mm H--
G1G108-AB17-02G1G108-AB17-02MOTORIZED IMPELLER 24VDCRectangular/Rounded - 159mm L x 185mm H115.0mm-
G1G140-AV17-02G1G140-AV17-02MOTORIZED IMPELLER 24VDCRectangular/Rounded - 226.3mm L x 261.5mm H130.0mm-
G1G160-BH29-52G1G160-BH29-52MOTORIZED IMPELLER 24VDCRectangular/Rounded - 226.8mm L x 262mm H130.0mm-

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