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ERP Power, LLC
ESM Series
ERP Power, LLC
ESS and ESSV Series
Fremont Micro Devices Ltd
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ESS and ESSV Series

Tri-Mode Dimming (0-10 V and TRIAC/ELV) Constant Current LED Drivers with Fast Startup Time

ERP Power, LLC

The ESS series of LED drivers is ideally suited for LED lighting applications in office, commercial and residential. These devices are compatible with most industry standard phase-cut wall-based dimmers, both forward-phase (leading-edge) and reverse-phase (trailing edge), and 0-10V wall-based dimmers and offer deep dimming from 100% down to 1%.

  • ESSxxxW models: TRIAC and ELV dimming only at 120 VAC
  • ESSxxxE models: ELV dimming only at 230 VAC
  • Protections: output open load, over-current and short-circuit (hiccup), and over-temperature with auto recovery
  • IP64-rated case with silicone-based potting with 5 VA flammability rating
Applications :
  • Recessed lighting (downlights)
  • Commercial and Residential lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Current - Output (Max):250mA ~ 1.4A
  • Efficiency:87%
  • Features:OCP, OTP, SCP
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Power (Watts):11W ~ 20W
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads
  • Topology:AC DC Converter
  • Type:Constant Current
  • Voltage - Input (Max):240VAC ~ 277VAC
  • Voltage - Input (Min):120VAC ~ 220VAC

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ESS015W-0700-18ESS015W-0700-18LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 10-18V 700MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-0350-42ESS015W-0350-42LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-42V 350MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-0440-34ESS015W-0440-34LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-34V 440MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-0300-42ESS015W-0300-42LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-42V 300MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-0350-32ESS015W-0350-32LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 21-32V 350MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS020W-0400-42ESS020W-0400-42LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-42V 400MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS020W-0700-24ESS020W-0700-24LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 14-24V 700MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS020W-0450-42ESS020W-0450-42LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-42V 450MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS010E-0250-42ESS010E-0250-42LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 28-42V 250MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1220VACRoHS
ESSV015W-0300-42ESSV015W-0300-42120 TO 277 VAC, 87% EFFICIENCY, Constant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-1050-14ESS015W-1050-14LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 8-14V 1.05A Constant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS020W-1400-14ESS020W-1400-14LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 8-14V 1.4A Constant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS020W-0500-32ESS020W-0500-32LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 21-32V 500MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS
ESS015W-0440-25ESS015W-0440-25LED DRIVER CC AC/DC 19-25V 440MAConstant CurrentAC DC Converter1120VACRoHS

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