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Segger Microcontroller Systems
embOS/IP Switch Board
Segger Microcontroller Systems
emPower-USB-Host Board
Semtech Corporation
SX1508 and SX1509 Evaluation Kits
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emPower-USB-Host Board

6.90.00 EMPOWER-USB-HOST BOARD emPower-USB-Host Board

Segger Microcontroller Systems

emPower-USB-Host is a low-cost board for applications that require two USB-Host ports in a simple and small design. SEGGER software including emUSB-Host, emLoad and embOS are ready to run on the board. Accessing the board with a debug probe can be achieved via the 10-pin Cortex-M connector on the board. Updating the firmware of emPower USB-Host with another sample or self-written software can easily be performed by storing the binary on a USB memory stick. This USB stick then is plugged in and the board is reset to run the update of the firmware. A collection of samples for the emPower USB-Host board is readily available for download at the emUSB-Host samples page. The samples run on the board without modification. The hardware can be used as a blueprint for own devices using two USB-Host ports, the schematics of the board are available for that purpose.

  • Embedded:Yes, MCU, 32-Bit
  • Function:USB Host Board
  • Primary Attributes:2-Channel (Dual)
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Interface
  • Utilized IC / Part:LPC54605