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TFT LCD Displays
Electronic Assembly GmbH
EA DIP Graphic Series
Electronic Assembly GmbH
EA DOG Series
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EA DIP Graphic Series

Direct Mounting DIP Modules Compact and Pin Mounted

Electronic Assembly GmbH

The DIP modules are extremely compact there are no PCB overhang, no drilled holes for assembly and no contact pads for connectors or cables. The viewing area is optimally sized and the large font makes reading easier.

  • Background Color:Blue
  • Backlight:LED - White
  • Display Type:STN - Super-Twisted Nematic
  • Dot Pitch:0.46mm W x 0.51mm H
  • Graphics Color:White
  • Interface:Parallel, 8-Bit

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EA DIP122B-5NLWEA DIP122B-5NLWLCD MOD GRAPH 122X32 B/W BACKLITSTN - Super-Twisted NematicTransflective--RoHS
EA DIP180B-5NLWEA DIP180B-5NLWLCD MOD GRAPH 180X32 B/W BACKLITSTN - Super-Twisted NematicTransmissive--RoHS

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