Endeavor Consulting Group, LLC Endeavor Consulting Group, LLC 02170-100

E Ink Evaluation Board 02170-100

E Ink Segmented Quick Start Kit

Endeavor Consulting Group, LLC

The 02170-100 is an evaluation board for RL78 and E Ink segmented displays.

Product Description

The E Ink Quick Start Kit is an excellent tool for evaluating and understanding E Ink segmented displays. Standard E Ink segmented displays allow for easy integration into an embedded system at a low cost to trial, making it fast and affordable to develop prototypes. The understanding gained by using the kit will also allow an engineer to construct a simple demo for others in their organization and evaluate if custom E Ink segmented displays will add value to their product.

The sample code can be used to understand how the display can be driven by the target system easily. Written in C, much of the sample code can be used in the end design.

Using the Renesas RL78 MCU, the E Ink Quick Start Kit is designed for 5 volt driving. E Ink Quick Start Kit works only with PC. Requires Windows XP or later.

The E Ink Quick Start Kit includes:
  • Embedded:Yes, MCU, 16-Bit
  • Function:eInk Electronic ePaper
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s), Accessories
  • Type:Display
  • Utilized IC / Part:RL78
02170-10002170-100E INK QUICK START KIT DisplayeInk Electronic ePaperYes, MCU, 16-BitRL78