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Digital Thermometer with SPI/3-Wire Interface

Maxim Integrated

The DS1722 Digital Thermometer and Thermostat with SPI/3-Wire Interface provides temperature readings which indicate the temperature of the device. No additional components are required; the device is truly a temperature-to-digital converter. Temperature readings are communicated from the DS1722 over a Motorola SPI interface or a standard 3-wire serial interface. The choice of interface standard is selectable by the user. For applications that require greater temperature resolution, the user can adjust the readout resolution from 8 to 12 bits. This is particularly useful in applications where thermal runaway conditions must be detected quickly.

  • Accuracy - Highest (Lowest):±2°C (±3°C)
  • Features:One-Shot, Programmable Resolution, Shutdown Mode
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Output Type:SPI
  • Resolution:11 b
  • Sensing Temperature - Local:-55°C ~ 120°C
  • Sensor Type:Digital, Local
  • Supplier Device Package:8-uMAX ~ 8-SOIC
  • Test Condition:-40°C ~ 85°C (-55°C ~ 120°C)
  • Voltage - Supply:1.8 V ~ 5.5 V, 2.65 V ~ 5.5 V

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DS1722S+T&RDS1722S+T&RSENSOR DIGITAL -55C-120C 8SOIC Digital, Local-55°C ~ 120°C-SPI8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)RoHS
DS1722S+DS1722S+SENSOR DIGITAL -55C-120C 8SOIC Digital, Local-55°C ~ 120°C-SPI8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)RoHS
DS1722U+DS1722U+SENSOR DIGITAL -55C-120C 8UMAX Digital, Local-55°C ~ 120°C-SPI8-TSSOP, 8-MSOP (0.118", 3.00mm Width)RoHS

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