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Dolphin Sensor Starter Kit
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Dolphin Sensor Starter Kit

NWO-300DP EnOcean Wireless, Energy Harvesting Starter Kit


The Dolphin sensor starter kit demonstrates EnOcean's energy harvesting and ultra-low power radio technology for wireless applications. The NWO-300DP comes with electromechanical push-button generators for switches and a solar powered temperature sensor. Radio telegrams sent by the self-powered sensors are received via a USB dongle and visualized via PC software. NWO-300DP (315 MHz) is provided as developer tool without CE certification.

  • PC software DolphinView Basic visualizes and interprets EnOcean radio telegrams. It receives messages via USB 300, shows telegram content and interprets EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP).
  • The push-button radio transmitter module PTM 200 enables implementation of wire-less remote controls without batteries. Key applications are wall-mounted flat rocker switches as well as handheld remote controls.
  • The solar powered sensor module STM 330 enables wireless temperature sensors and room operating panels. It can be extended with a plug’n play humidity sensor.
  • USB 300 provides a bidirectional EnOcean radio gateway via USB to the PC. Radio messages will be sent and received via PC software DolphinView Basic.
Kit Contents:
  • User Manual
  • USB 300(C): USB Stick Transceiver
  • PTM 200(C): Self-powered push button
  • STM 330(C): Self-powered temp. sensor
  • License for DolphinView Basic
    • Requires Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7. For advanced analysis and protocol debugging EnOcean Developer Kit EDK 300 is recommended.
  • For Use With/Related Products:Dolphin
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Accessories
  • Type:EnOcean