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Luminus Devices Inc.
DK-114N Series Development Kit
Luminus Devices Inc.
DK-136M Series Development Kit
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DK-114N Series Development Kit

PhlatLight® LED Development Kit

Luminus Devices Inc.

The DK-114N series of PhlatLight® Development Kits was designed for fast and simple evaluation of PhlatLight products. The included electrical and thermal solutions enable customers to easily breadboard or prototype their system without time consuming and costly development of driver boards and heat sinks. Capable of providing up to 14A and designed to work with all CBT and PT series parts and their associated applications, the DK-114N development kits support various different drive conditions and use scenarios.

  • Drive any CBT or PT series PhlatLight LED up to 14A
  • Pulse frequencies of greater than 40kHz possible
  • Analog current control via on-board potentiometers or external voltage
  • Simple current and voltage measurements
  • Fast rise and fall times - less than 1 microsecond
  • Fast current level switching - less than 5 microseconds
The contents of each PhlatLight DK-114A Development Kit will depend on the number of channels ordered. Each kit includes the following components:
  • Interface board
  • Heat sink/driver board assembly
  • Cable assemblies
  • Thermal interface materials and mounting hardware
  • User Manual
  • Function:LED
  • Primary Attributes:Dimmable
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Cable(s), Accessories
  • Type:Opto/Lighting
  • Utilized IC / Part:CBT, PT Series