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Twin Industries
B05 Series
Twin Industries
B40, B45 Series
Twin Industries
Bx0 Series
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B40, B45 Series

ABS Plastic Enclosures With Prototype Board

Twin Industries

Twin Industries ABS project boxes with custom-fit prototyping sold together under a single part number, eliminating the need to find a generic board and cut or shape the board to fit box dimensions. Hardware comes included.

  • Protoboards made with FR4 laminate, 0.062" thick
  • Removable end panels with contrasting color
  • Prototyping holes spaced on 0.1" x 0.1" grid
  • Boards may be attached to threaded stand-offs in top or bottom of box
  • Area (L x W):33.1in² (214cm²)
  • Color:Blue, Gray
  • Container Type:Box
  • Design:Split Sides and End Panel(s)
  • Features:Prototype Board
  • Material:Plastic, ABS
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Size / Dimension:7.700" L x 4.300" W (195.58mm x 109.22mm)
  • Thickness:0.062" (1.57mm)

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B40-8000B40-8000BOX ABS BLU/GRAY 7.7"L X 4.3"W Box7.700" L x 4.300" W (195.58mm x 109.22mm)2.900" (73.66mm)33.1in² (214cm²)RoHS
B45-8000B45-8000BOX ABS BLU/GRAY 7.7"L X 4.3"W Box7.700" L x 4.300" W (195.58mm x 109.22mm)1.400" (35.56mm)33.1in² (214cm²)RoHS

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Twin Industries B40-8000-PCB
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