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Molex, LLC
121040 Series
Molex, LLC
121050 Series
Molex, LLC
121205 Series

121050 Series

mPm DIN Valve Connector, Form B or C, 2 Pole Plus Ground

Molex, LLC

The Brad mPm range of DIN connectors are used extensively to provide electrical connection in a wide range of applications. The most common application for mPm DIN connectors is in conjunction with pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Other applications include, for example, pressure transducers, proximity switches, level sensors, limit switches and low energy motors.

  • Number of Positions:3

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    12105019981210501998CAB452N PUR 3G075X1000 NE ----
    12105020111210502011CAB492N PUR 3X20AWG 5M NE ----
    12105018871210501887CAB452N PVC 3X18AWGX5M NE ---5m
    12105033911210503391DIN 2P +GRD 20AWG BLACK PUR ----
    12105033921210503392DIN 2P +GRD 20AWG BLACK PUR ----
    12105033801210503380CAB492N PUR 3X20AWG 5M NE ----
    12105033971210503397CAB492N PUR 3X20AWG 5M NE ----
    12105033981210503398CAB492N PUR 3X20AWG 5M NE ----
    12105029841210502984CAB452N PVC 3X18AWGX10M ---10m
    12105020391210502039CAB452N H05 3G075X3000 NE Rectangular---
    12105004731210500473CAB452N 3G1X3000CEI H6/12 Rectangular---
    12105035121210503512CAB452N H05 3G075X10000 NE RectangularWire Leads--

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